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Well, I got it working!!! I had multiple substances directories, basically one for painter and one for designer.  I completely removed the one for designer (which was in my documents folder, and so is the painter substance directory).  Then I installed HDRI Studio from GreyscaleGorilla.  Then I reinstalled the C4D substance 1.2 plugin---again!  Then it just worked.  I shut down C4D and restarted and it worked again.  I went back to one of the scenes I had used Printed_Circuit in, then recreated the material, applied it, and it rendered.  Of course, I understand that the TeamRender is currently not working, so I did not even try that.  So I am not sure if you did some sort of long distance hocus-pocus...but it is working for now.  Thank you for your time and effort and courtesy in handling this issue.

ok...what should I try next, now that we have established that the R16 version works.  I have not tried V1.1 in R17 yet.  Is there a certain .Net framework needed or anything else from Microsoft?

I did install V1 in C4D-R16 and it did work.  But I cannot work in C4D-R16 as all of my current projects are in R17 format now.  I did read somewhere that C4D-R17 would be releasing SP2 soon.  Maybe that would fix it.  Thanks for your efforts.

I unzipped the files to my desktop.  Still having the same issue.    However, I did notice that the whole directory tree is set to Read-Only.  I don't seem to be able to change that.  No matter what I do, the directory tree reverts back to read only.  My download directory is on the C: drive under Users.  Could this be the issue.  Should I re-download everything?  Before the 1.2 update the Printed_Circuit did work, then suddenly it quit working like most of the other materials.  Why would the Read-Only attribute effect C4D?  BTW, I have the Substance dialog palette nested with other palettes.  Say hocus-pocus and make it work.

I have attached the requested files.  I check the console readout and it states the Substance 1.2 loaded successfully.  I have all my substances in the C:\users\phillip G. Buckner\documents\allegorithmic folder.  I checked the security on the folder and admins and myself have access.  Again, it is not just the Printed_Circuit that I am having trouble with---it is almost all materials.  Printed_Circuit opens in Designer and the player just fine.

Thank you for your quick response and courtesy.

Printed_circuit will not load and the info in the status line states "Invalid Substance Asset file" The vast majority of materials sbsar will not load inside C4D-R17 (Windows 10).  Do the files need to be in a specific location.  Does that location need to be added to the maps in preferences.  I did get one material to load---it was COAL.sbsar.  Nothing else seems to want to load.  In the meanwhile, I am falling critically behind on a couple of projects.  So, if this software is just beta software that the consumers are testing for you, I need to know that immediately so that I can turn to more reliable solutions.  Please advise.  Please help.

I installed 1.2 on my Windows 10 C4D-R17.  I have found that only some of the substances will load.  I do not understand why only a few will work.  I am using .sbsar formats, as this is what I understand to be the correct format to use.  Is there some trick to make the .sbsar files I wish to use workable?  This is getting extremely frustrating since I can not get professional, production ready software to work.  Please advise.

When will the C4D-R17 plugin be ready.  It is nice having Painter and Designer, but they are worthless to me until I have a plugin that actually works.

Since the latest update of Substance Designer, I have not been able to load any asset in C4D-R17 (windows platform).  Past projects with substance included open with an error message stating invalid asset loaded.  Please advise so that I can use this software.  Has the C4D plugin been updated since 1.0?  This is frustrating after using a product then it suddenly quits working.

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