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Hi there,

after testing the SVG tools more intensively, I reached the conclusion that in their current state they are very limited.
It would be great if they were a bit more mature, as I really would like to avoid jumping to another app just to make simple masks.

I will list here a minimal set of features that I feel are really needed:

Line thickness.
Currently it is always 1px wide. See link
The "Clear Color" command (that makes the fill or the line color invisible) is somewhat buggy on multiple selections: sometimes it doesn't clear all the selected shapes.
Eventually, the stroke thickness should be exposed. See link

Freeze Booleans operations.
Currently there is no way to collapse several shapes into one.

Better transform/snap tools.
Flip along horizontal or vertical position. See link
Constrain the size of the polygon tools during creation.
Snap to axis with SHIFT when using the pen.
Introduce rulers for snapping. See link

Use Antialias
There's currently no support for antialias in SVG. See link

Fix the UNDO
This is probably one of the most important requests for me.
I find very frustrating the way the undo works right now, and I avoid using SVG tools at all just because of this issue.
The undo doesn't restore the previous state, but goes straight back from the first activation of the tool, deleting all of the involved steps to create one or more shapes. I consider it to be a bug.
More informations here

If Vector tools will be implemented not only in Desginer, but in Substance Painter too, please make the two toolsets the same
It would be awesome to have the same tools, that behave exactly the same way, in both applications. Please don't introduce two different workflows.
Same thing applies to the 2D brush (bitmap) tools.

Hi there,

I don't fully understand how paths to substances work.
To make an example, lately I downloaded the RO substances package from here, but when I try to import one of these into one of my graph, they continuously ask to specify the path to some of the default substances that are in the resources folder of Substance Designer.

Now, shouldn't Designer automatically load substances from one of the paths that are specified in the preferences?
Because the way I would like to see it, it's a bit how python works... If I have multiple paths specified, and the imported substance it's not in the same folder as the "root substance", I will start looking into every path, with the latest path overwriting an eventual duplicate in the previous ones.

Hi there,
I would like to convince the studio where I’m working to adopt Substance Designer.
Thing is, being our pipeline still so reliant on Photoshop, we really need a strong psd exporter to welcome SD in our pipeline.
Currently I feel there have been some important omissions that make the exporter less useful than it could be.
For this reason, knowing that I can’t expect to replicate all psd features, I will try to make an analysis and ask for a minimum amount of feature requests.

This is currently one of my biggest concerns.
Currently only nodes with alpha are exported as layers with a mask.
The problem is that a layer exported this way will have transparent pixels (i.e. opaque pixels from the source node will be deleted) that will match the mask.
This makes the use of a mask useless, thus making the export function more destructive than it should be.
  • Now, a layer in Photoshop may actually contain transparent pixels, and have a mask as well. For this reason the best way to export a mask should be the ability to assign an arbitrary grayscale node to a mask of a layer, while the layer should receive a RGBA node. Mask Assignment should be made with a simple drag’n drop.
  • Groups should have masks too.
See also Topic: Access to layer masks with PSD exporter

Layer UI.
It is very difficult to organize layers, as it’s not easy to drag a layer in and out of a group.
Layers flicker when trying to drag a layer close to a group in the UI.

Adjustment Layers.
This would be so useful! Adding non-destructive features to the generated psd file.
Designer already have atomic nodes like Levels, HSL and Gradient Map.
In my opinion, these nodes should be added in two different ways:
  • The way it is now, showing the result of the node operation.
  • Adding and adjustment layer which takes the same node parameters as values (without rendering the image).Of course the adjustment layer should be able to receive a mask too.

Nested substances in a graph as a group
This is probably a plus, but I like the idea of it.
Layers that have already been setup to be exported inside of a subgraph (a referenced substance inside of the current graph) are currently not taken into account.
IMO they should be exported as a group in the current graph, if the subgraph have been added to the exporter in the layer list.
I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for listening!

Hi there, I was wondering about baking normals in Designer that match the ones baked in 3dsmax.
I've read that I could do that exporting my model from max, but including tangents.
As .obj doesn't store tangents, I assume .fbx will be the way to go, but I have a question.
In the FBX exporter (in max), there are various options that are off by Default. I am especially referring to "Smoothing Groups" and "Tangent and Binormals". Do these options (or one of the two) need to be activated to be able to make all my baking ops in Designer?

Hi there,

I was wondering how exactly existing images in a graph impact the graph's evaluation.
I'll make an example.
I am putting several images in a graph, but not all of them are actually used: through a network of switch nodes I will later decide which image will influence the node network.
Now, from what I understand, if I set the graph resolution to "Parent", all the images in the graph will be resized, even if I will not be using them, impacting performances... am I right?

It would be awesome to dynamically exclude nodes from the graph's evaluation with a boolean button :)

Furthermore,  I noticed that calculating a graph with only four or five 4K textures can be very slow, even when the only other nodes in a graph are just blend operators (no fx or masking).
From what I know SDesigner uses the gpu. Personally at home I work on a laptop with a Geforce 555M (3GBram).
Now, I understand it may not be the most performant videoboard out there, but still these are specs from a laptop that is just 2 years old.
Also, many studios where I worked, never have the latest videocard, for example where I work now I have a GTX 660.

Are there any plans to improve graph evaluation drastically?


Painter will surely be great for game assets in the final 1.0 release, but would be great to include subdivision surfaces support. This way Substance Painter will become a viable solution for vfx too.
For example, you could implement Open Subdiv which have a lot of nice features, like CC subdivision surfaces, edge weighting, displacement mapping and ptex.
Of course it doesn't need to be Open Subdiv: if you find another way to support subdivion surfaces it will be more than welcome!

Hi there,
I looked a bit in the forums to find out if Designer had a scripting system.
From what I understand, it's possible to use some commands with a prompt shell through the batch tools.
Now, I searched into my account, but I couldn't find them.
Is it available to non-indie users only?

Hi there,
it would be cool to modify a single image on the fly, where the image is not a layer of the current texture set.
I will try to explain this better: I am referring to all those images that are used by substance effects/stencils as input.

For example, if I want to modify the image that defines the material ID of the relative substance effect, I currently need to fire up Photoshop or Designer.
This is not very practical, as it would be much better to have interactive feedback inside of Painter (especially when it will include more traditional 2D tools and brushes).

Hope that makes sense.

I am getting a lot of errors when I enable the Automatic Export (SD sometimes can't export my maps for some unknown reason).
To avoid this and to have the app more responsive, I disabled the automatic export.
But now, from time to time, the path rolls back to where I store my substances, instead of where I initially specified it.
Any idea of why is this happening?

Just yesterday I was trying to build my material ID color mask inside of SD with the svg tools, but I had to give up.

I noticed a very annoying behaviour with the undo stack: if I add a new svg vector image to my substance, and then I start to draw a bezier curve in it ("path" button, not "freehand"), if I undo while the current tool is still active, the whole svg image is deleted.

Furthermore, the undo command shouldn't rollback to the last drawn shape, but to the the last modify made with the tool: If I add a point and then I undo, only this one should be deleted, not the whole shape.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Sbsar icons
 on: June 27, 2014, 02:00:19 pm 
Hi there,

I have problems publishing a substance with an icon.
I tried to use both a png and a tif as icon, but, while I can see the .sbs in the library with the chosen icon picture, the .sbsar doesn't show any thumbnail.
Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is an easy way to lay down a material only on peaks (or valleys).

I am trying to convert a spec/gloss material to the metal/roughness model, as I want to convert a Megascan from Quixel to a substance to be used in painter.
So far I was able to find the opposite node only (MR -> SG), is SG->MR somewhere?

Hi there,
a simple question: I noticed that SD implements many blending modes, but not as many as Photoshop does.

Is there a plan to include the missing ones?
Thanks :)

Hi there,
I wonder if there will be a warp tool (in both the 3d and the 2d view, for stencils and for existing layers) in the final release.

Here a video to show what I'm talking about.
Thank you!

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