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Thanks David that's appreciated.

I imagine lots of Substance users do use both Megascans and Substance and will keep doing so in the future.
Because of Substance advanced integration with tweak-able parameters it seems to make sense to put substance on top of megascans in the workflow and automate the integration.   

So lots of karma points from your users to gain !

;-) Good luck to motivate the team.

Turning off FXAA  fixed it for me to !

Hello David

Hope your well.

Its been over a year ;-)  any new developments regarding this?

Thanks for any answer

Thanks for the swift reply did send the logfiles latest session to you

Yeah alchemy is finely there !
but when i try to open it this is what happens
or on one of my other monitors
hope this feedback is usefull

Windows 10
GTX 1080

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Why Adobe?
 on: January 23, 2019, 09:08:18 pm 
Sad news.
Please let us let us know in time when it will be our last change to buy a perpetual license for the same price as we had before.

Hi David thanks

Really happy with your reply.
Looking forwards to any follow up with patience.

Enjoy the day

Hello dear Allegorithmic

I have X00+ megascan surfaces all in a folder structure as created by Quixel's Bridge application.
What i would love to do is add a .sbs and .sbsar file into each material directory so they can be easily used with your tools as well as Megascan Studio (by keeping the folder structure).
Somehow i hope the automation toolkit is capable of providing this, and even more i hope Allegorithmic would be willing to provide such a script since i lack the skills to write one myself.
I'm sure i'm not the only one that likes to mix assets and tools from both Algorithmic and Quixel so probably this would make many of your users very happy.

Thanks for all your work , i love your tools

Thanks viking.

Im slowly wodering if we would be more success, if we would report forgetting to add the save 2D view button as a bug.
Since that how it feels abit to me.

Best to all. 


Oww just downloaded 2.5 all new nice features but this is still missing it seems :(

I do a windowsscreen save and cut it out in photoshop but like you experience the textures just never really match no matter how hard i try. It gets close and i fill the open spaces with a colour as close as possible.   

Hopefully they find time for it in the next update. 

Yes this is really hard to understand that it hasn't been done already.

Specially since it doesn't look that hard to add.

Older but also really new platforms like WebGL and WebVR would so benefit from this. 

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