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Hi all,

I'm looking for "correct" project settings in order to set up a SP project which is going to be rendered in 3ds Max with VRay. I've seen many threads and other documents/tutorials focused on how to export from Painter to 3dsMax VRay and render correctly.

What I'm looking for is the workflow to export from Max and import in Painter.

I export from 3dsMax (2016) to an fbx file. In the exporter I checked:
- Smoothing Groups
- Tangents & Binormals (as this will be rendered in 3dsMax)
- Triangulate is not checked (as I want the final mesh remain in quads)
- Preserve Edge Orientation is Checked

I create a new project in Painter using the "Unreal Engine 4 (Allegorithmic)" template and import the fbx file. I prefer to use the metallic workflow as I have materials that I'm using in engines and I will export for VRay.

I don't know what to do with the checkbox "Compute tangent space per fragment". Do I have to check it?

@kelly4d3d you can just collapse the stack and export, without save the max file. Or you can duplicate a max file with all stacks collapsed.


I'm setting up the following workflow:

modeling in 3ds Max(sometimes only high poly model for CG)>export fbx >baking&texturing in Substance painter>render in 3dsMax with VRay.

- I assume that when I export the fbx from Max to Painter I have to export Tangents & Binormals and Smoothing Groups. Is that correct?

- Do I have to triangulate the fbx or is optional? (I 'll render in Max)

-  When I set a new project in Painter do I need to check "Compute tangent face per fragment"? The model will rendered inside 3ds Max, not in real-time engines/Marmoset, etc. The same questioon applies to a similar Maya workflow.

Thank you very much,

I suspected that was something like that, I just had to ask for verification...



The general idea is what is represent colour, and in fact it is a reflection, is sRGB (diffuse reflection/colour , specular reflection/colour) and what is practically a mask used for calculations (normal map, roughness, metallic, ambient occlusion etc.) is linear.
I wonder what is going on with emissive. I think that is sRGB (because it is a colour) but not sure.

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