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Any news about when the fixes will be available for HDRP?

I see that the above problems are still listed in the "Known Issues" for the latest 2.4.4 release.


We updated the plugin today with several fixes. It's now live on the Asset Store version 2.4.4. The issue where some Substances are not generating the Mask Map is caused by the engine being out of date to the latest build of Substance Designer. We are working on the Substance Engine update. We are also adding the new 2019.3 API for HDRP assets which will properly identify if HDRP is used.


I was testing the plugin with beta release with HDRP. I would love to see that substance works seamlessly with HDRP but that seems to be not the case.  The substance material still changes to defaults after tiling etc. Wes replied way back in Aug 2019 that they are looking to release for beta as well. However we are in feb 2019 and the issue still remains. Is there any hope here?


I'm very sorry for the delay. We are prepping our 2.4.4 release which includes this fix. We released this update to our beta and now we need to get this on the Asset Store. There were some regression issues that API changes in 2019.3 broke and this delayed our Jan/Feb release. If you would like to join our beta, please send me a PM and I can add you.

We are finalizing the changes to our 2.4.4 release from beta feedback and should get this to to the Asset store soon.


Can't get it to work with 2019.3_0f1

Please let us know what is happening in 2019.3.


Any news on this regression?  I’m forced to edit my meta files to mod my tiling as a general solution, but what about prefab instances?


Yes we have this issue resolved. We are working on our Feb release now and should be releasing a fix to our beta tomorrow. If you like, I can add you to our beta. Please send me a PM : )


Substance Integrations - MODO - Re: MOdo plugin not working
 on: January 16, 2020, 09:10:41 pm 
Any updates on this? Main site still has the version 12.0 download.

We have the new build ready however, it wasn't uploaded to the website. The link is incorrect. I've asked our web team to fix this ASAP with high priority. They just need to add the right link.


I seem to be having an issue with 2019.3 as well where if I change anything at all on it, it just resets to default as soon as I save or there is a reload of any sort, not just domain reload I believe. It is ok if I create a new material and then extract everything and make a while new setup, but then I don't get to change settings directly as I believe it should be done.

Are you using HDRP?


Just sent an email with the files to the address listed in your signature.

While all substances have this problem in HDRP, the one I sent you has a problem in built-in as well. Other substances sometimes have the problem in built-in, sometimes not, and I can't figure out why.

Hope the file helps.

Thanks for sending the files : )


Having this problem too. Unity 2019.3, latest version of the Substance plugin from the asset store as of today.

If I adjust the tiling on a Substance material, as soon as it loses inspector focus, it reverts back to 1,1. Tried create an additional material under the Substance and it still exhibits the same behavior.

Thanks for reporting. I can confirm this issue as well. This looks to be a regression with 2019.3 as the 2.4.3 plugin doesn't have a tiling issue in 2019.2. We will get this fixed for 2019.3.


Hi Wes,

Yes, I can confirm the plugin is 2.4.3.

Attached Pic 1 is a screenshot of the version in the Package Manager for Unity 2019.3.0f4. Also tried installing directly from the Asset Store instead of the Package Manager, but still the same problem.

In pic 2, you can see the substance target settings as compressed.

In pic 3, you can see the generated texture.

In pic 4, you can see the setting changed to Raw and being applied, and the texture being grayscale.

In pic 5, you can see a grayscale generated texture as Alph8 UNorm with the RAW setting.

In pic 6, you can see this "RAW" texture shown as black in Unity's project view.

This is happening in both the Built-in render pipeline as well as HDRP 7.1.7. It's a simple test substance with a noise in the red channel, and full white in the G, B, and A channels. This particular substance has the same problem in both pipelines, and while other substances may or may not have problems in the built-in pipeline, all of them have this problem in HDRP.

Also, will we able to choose the compression settings as well, and not have the substance bake the compressed version? Thanks.


Can you please send me this sbs file? I am checking other sbsar files and the RAW settings for color and greyscale is RGBA8 UNorm. However I can reproduce this with HDRP. I will have the team take a look at this bug.


January 8, 2020: Tiling issue still exists in Unity2019.3.0f3

Plugin Info:
Release Version: 2.4.3 (beta)
Importer Version: 24

Build Info:
Substance Engine Version: 65544.7.0.0 2870790120
Build Number: 118
Commit Hash:2b1f4be3a8d28
Plugin commit: 8573
Plugin Build: A2


I am sorry for the confusion on my part. This is for texture tiling not working on the Substance textures? The texture tiling is working. Please let me know which tiling issue you are running into.


Hi @Wes McDermott,

Following up from your Unity plugin update 18 Dec 2019, I've tested Unity 2019.2 and 2019.3.0f3 to correct the sbsar texture bug earlier reported but the bug remains, can the team please take another shot? I've also posted on Discord Substance plugin channel.

Also, on iOS builds it crashes the app with SIGABRT abort when a sbsar graph is attached to a component. Loading the sbsar graph via Resources.Load also crashes the app. Here repo

Here's git repo having created a fresh URP project (can't create LWRP fresh projects anymore in Unity 2019.3.0f3 as it's replaced by URP) if it helps


Thanks for posting this repo. I replied on Discord. We are working on the black material issue. That is slated to be fixed in our current sprint. I will report the iOS crash as well.


Hi Substance Team

Attaching a substance graph to a component in a unity project crashes a built App with SIGABRT error. Loading the sbsar graph via Resources.Load also crashes the App.

Tested on Unity 2019.2 and 2019.3.0f3, with a fresh URP project (LWRP too but not fresh cos LWRP is no longer available - replaced by URP), Substance in Unity plugin Updated 18 Dec 2019.

Here's repo if it helps

Can you please fix this for use?

Thanks a bunch for your help

Thanks for posting this. I will ask the team to take a look at this issue.


OnApplicationQuit message doesn't work anymore on objects with Mesh Renderer component after installing a latest Substance plugin from assetstore.

If remove Allegorithmic folder from project, OnApplicationQuit works well again.

What can I do with it?


Which version of the plugin are you using? I tried it under 2.4.3 and the applicationQuit seems to be working.



We have a team of people with the exact same Unity version, and the same Allegorithmic plug-in within the Unity project, and some .sbar files and, accordingly, sbsar.meta files under Subversion control.

The issue is this: On Unity start, Unity changes the .sbar.meta files for some of us to include a certain shader keyword, and for others of us removes this shader keyword (the keyword is "VertLight_ON", not sure whether this matters). This creates a super-annoying Subversion ping-pong and/or tedious ignore rule settings.

Can you shed any light on what might be happening here? I found an older post here which mentions a similar problem, but there, the resolution was using the same Unity version, which we are already doing.



Hi Philip,

I am asking the devs about this.

"On Unity start, Unity changes the .sbar.meta files for some of us to include a certain shader keyword, and for others of us removes this shader keyword (the keyword is "VertLight_ON", not sure whether this matters). This creates a super-annoying Subversion ping-pong and/or tedious ignore rule settings."

Unity is changing the files or is the Substance plugins appear to be doing this?



I am trying to install the substance plugin to an HDRP project, but I can't get the materials to properly work. I tried to delete my library folder / reinstall the plugin but it didn't work. My HDRP is properly configured in the settings, so I'm not sure how to fix this.

Hi Bill,

You have already added HDRP files before adding the Substance plugin? Are the materials rendering at all or is something else now working correctly.


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