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Substance Integrations - Unity - On Demand Material Remapping
 on: November 23, 2018, 09:07:26 am 
Hello there,

I'm new to Substance and I'm using Substance Materials inside Unity.
One small issue I have is this:

I assign substance materials in 3ds max and when I import the fbx into Unity, I would like to re-assign the materials with the "on demand" function inside Unity.

Inside the fbx-mesh I gave the material the same name, but unity can't find them when I try to re-assign them. I found out that inside the substance archive (.sbar), the material name gets a "mat." prefix. So I did the same in 3ds max, hoping Unity would have less problems finding the materials. No success. Is this because they are inside the .sbar-archive or do you have a hint on how to make this work?

Thank you

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