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It is not specifically mentioned in EULA, so I'm asking for clarification. Is it allowed to use textures from sbsar files, or even whole sbsar (with Substance Unity Plugin) files in a commercial game?

PS: I expressed myself incorrectly, as far as I know when building with Unity the sbsar files are not included, only generated textures are, so I think it is totally ok.

Hi, I have a few questions about this Unity plugin.

- How can I just export the images from substance? I remember an older version of this plugin (it was integrated into Unity) can export all maps as png images. But I can't find this feature in the new addon.

- Is it possible to change the map outputs? For example, by default, my .sbsar file in Unity have 2 maps, Metallic/Smoothness, and Height. I want to create one map combining these two, Metallic (R), Smoothness (G). Height (B) is it possible to do with Unity addon or I need to open the substance in Substance Designer?

I have weird bugs when baking normal maps for very flat objects like crystals -
Low poly models are with smooth shading of course. Flat shading does not work either, got artifacts on edges.

So how can I bake meshes like this one properly?

High poly here -

Sure, here fbx files exported from blender.

Hi, I need some help with baking normal maps. I have created a simple low and high poly models of gates in blender. But when I started to bake from a high poly model, some artifacts appears. Maybe smooth shading in blender caused this, I'm not sure.

Highpoly model in Blender -
Lowpoly model in Blender -
Normals in SP 01 -
Normals in SP 02 -
Normals in Unity -

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