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Is there any safer way to use sbsar in the new Unity with the actual plug-in or we must wait a little bit for that ? i know the fault is not from you Allegorithmic guy's, since it's the problem of Unity team with there new shading engine, everything they build are going beta for a while...
Hope it's doing for the new RTX card...

Content - Substance Share - Re: Login problem
 on: January 28, 2019, 01:52:27 pm 
I have the same problem, it was perfectly working yesterday and shutdown brutaly, i change my computer recently to fit the spec of your soft because it was not working on my old corei5 and radeon 5000, so now my spec is corei7 and Nvidia gtx 1050 GPU damn i hate to be slave of that (zbrush don't have this problem...), so i wan't to bring back all my purchase librairie, to the new computer and finaly work with painter. Hope wa won't have to wait to long for that, especialy with the Adobe news, that make worrie legit from part of your user.

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