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This continues to be confusing, especially because I've recently been setting up substance painter. So with that, we seemed forced into moving all our materials from the project folder into a 'materials' folder within a 'painter' folder otherwise Painter wouldn't see them.

So now materials are in;


So I need to create a new substance designer project file that is in that materials folder? Then also an alias in that materials folder? or can I put them both in the 'Painter' folder?

Ah thanks, ok I didn't realize that different project files could have their own Alias. So this is my current setup now;

Ok, so I've saved that project file to the network. Now if any artists join the project, I'll get them to load that project file into their preferences. This contains the alias file directories that I set.

Obviously this isn't a fix for past substances I created because when I created them they didn't contain those alias links. So opening those will continue to break unless I've fixed and saved them. However, new substances created from now on should have these new aliases and not break.

Would you agree with this or would you say it's possible to load my old substances without them breaking?

Thanks Nicolas. I have set up a new project 'Magnum'. I've linked it to my tools library rather than the actual project location because it's the library substance links that I find breaks. Does it make sense to link it to the library rather than the project?

(I'm not sure what the 'user project' is but I can't figure out how to delete it.)

I have the link you gave me that explains aliases but still finding it difficult to understand in context with my project.


This keeps popping up whenever I open Substance, any advice on how to stop it? Seems relayed to iray but I never touch iray settings.

Added an 'Alias' and connected it to my library folder of custom nodes. Applied and tried opening a material but the links were still broken.

I also created a custom project file that I stored in my library, then added paths to my library. Still broken.

Just read this document again, for whatever reason it just doesn't click with me. I'm going to go over some video tutorials about project setup when I have time, I just vaguely remember being confused by that too though I've learnt a lot since then so perhaps now I'm in a better place to begin understanding it.

Thanks for the continued support Nicolas.

I double checked with the tech director and he assures me that we have not ever moved/deleted that utilities folder location.

I guess the only solution here is to keep updating and fixing these graphs. If I create a new sbs with one of those dependencies it works fine now, just very concerned that later on we could update and it will suddenly want the dependencies to come from another folder.

In my library links in preferences, this is my setup.

It directly links to my utility folder (with custom graphs), it's the only location I use and it never changes.

Yet when I open certain graphs from my project I get this;

So to be clear the custom graph is in; P:\Ltp4\Tools

but for some reason substance tries pulling it from  P:\Tools

It misses out the Ltp4. Even though you can see Ltp4 in the library link.

Been using 2018.3.0 for a week now. Still getting broken links to my library even though there is a direct path to it in preferences.

Ok, updated to Substance 2018.3.0

Only played around for 30mins, in general it seems that once I fix a substance I can now reload it and it's fixed. So eventually over time I'll naturally fix everything, still doesn't quite make sense why anything would be broken as it's pulling from the same library path that is linked in the preferences.

Oh, not really a case of money it's more about disrupting production. Whenever we upgrade it's across the studio, so just have to find the right time to do it. Hopefully can set it up this or next week.

Do we think updating would fix this issue? Is this a known issue with 2018.2.1?

If so I'll look into updating. This is for a full studio so upgrading has some issues as opposed to just updating a home license but if you think it could solve this I'll push for an update. New one just came out, so it might be a good time to do it.

SD version 2018.2.1

Weeks later and it's still doing it, I have to keep relinking multiple graphs when opening up substances. It's usually only 3-5 but over time on big projects that's going to eat up a lot of time. It also loses any specific parameters that the original node was set to.

edit : Not sure if this helps but when I right click on a graph from my library it appears with red text? Seems to be adding extra '/' brackets too?

Continuing to have issues, even find myself relinking nodes in the same workspace lately. Would be bad enough if that's all it was but even if I direct it to the correct file it still shows up as missing? So I lose all my parameters.

Just continues to add more P::/::/::/::/ the more times I relink it  :-\

No, it's a physical drive.

So top image is from my library paths. This shows that my custom nodes are located in my LTP4 workspace. They have ALWAYS been there. Yet SD seems to be taking out the LTP4 in the path as seen in the second image, causing the path to break. Why is it taking the LTP4 out?

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