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I had similar problems, they were caused by my firewall. I've never had problems with Substance and the firewall before, so it was pretty much the last place I looked. In fact, my security suite had blocked the software. This made it impossible to connect to the Substance Server. As soon as I disabled the lock, everything was fine again and I could finally start and test Alchemist.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Sub only?
 on: March 23, 2019, 10:31:21 am 
I don't get why people are so against subscriptions? (...)

I totally agree with everything you mentioned! I don't know what they charge with perpetual licenses for the yearly maintenance renewal, but if you are buying Painter and Designer with a perpetual license together it is 300 for the first year. Without having access to B2M, Alchemist and Substance Source.
I am a Poliigon customer, but i never bought materials there anymore after I subsrciped with Substance. Other stuff, like modells or atlas sheets, okay, but not PBR materials. I rather use the Substance Source assets, where i can tweak parameters, which i often do in Substance Player. The 30 assets alone are worth more than the monthly subscription fee. And if I have other work to do and don't need Substance at all for 1 or more months, I can stop my monthly subscription and resubscribe when I need it again.


Try to remove your password and write it again when using the activation via your account.
The evaluation option (first on the list) is not activated.

You can also download your license file here:


Hi Baptiste,
thanks for the reply, but the license file from today is the very same like the one from yesterday and the day before. I have now tried it again with the license file, with direct install and with the launcher. It still says the license file is invalid.
Tried also again to use my account to validate. Typing in the password again also doesn't change anything.

I didn't try the first option (Evaluate), the Activation wizard chooses the option as soon as the error pops up.


Edit: For other users with the same problem: After deinstalling Alchemist again I deleted all alchemist subfolders in the app-folders local and roaming, and also cleaned the registry from the remaining alchemist entries. During the registry cleaning i saw the firewall entries for Alchemist. It was blocked. I am using the newest version of the Comodo Internet Security Premium, and that never happened with the other Substance software before. I have reinstalled Substance Painter last week, no problem with the firewall. But for some reason Comodo didn't like Alchemist. After unblocking it, the activation worked.

I have tried this with a direct download and also with the lauchner. I can install Alchemist, but I can't activate it. When I try via my account, i get this:

I click on "Finish" and the following error message appears:

If I try to activate with the license file I get this error:

I am on the monthly subscription, so my license should be valid.

What can I do?

Thanks, Christina

Looks like they even abandoned the forums, theres a lot of people with unanswered questions, and no staff anywhere
Are you aware that they are really busy this week? Some of them are at the GPU Technology in San Jose, some of them are at the GDC in San Francisco. The latter is the biggest event in the professional game industry, it takes a lot of time to prepare, and now during the event, they maybe won't have much time. Let's be patient, the GDC ends tomorrow and next week the guys are back.

Thank you so much! This was the only thing that helped!

Edit: Unfortunatly, Painter was crashing again as soon as i used another mesh than Meetmap. But thanks anyway. I will try it with an older Painter version.

Paypal does not offer recurring payments in those countries (Germany and China)?
I can't speak for China, but with Germany, that isn't correct. I have AdobeCloud and also Microsoft, Autodesk and some other on monthly recurring payments with my german PayPal Account. So I guess your comment could not be correct.
Creditcards are not common in Germany, I have none and at the moment I am really disappointed that I can't get the monthly plan with all software and Substance Source :-(

could you please check that issue with PayPal for Germany?

Thanks in advance


Edit: I was able to buy a Visa Prepaid card, and get the monthly subsricption. But that won't be the permanent solution for me, because I would always have to keep in mind to top up the card manually. I really would appreciate it if you can resolve the PayPal issue

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