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upd. ok I found out why, if you do outside bevel it will be parallel lines.

was testing the latest version of SD and found out that Bevel node is working differently...

I have a tutorial on yt where I was showing how it was working in older version. You can see the corner has parallel edges, but newer version is angular.

Any ideas why it was changed? Thanks!

Hi all, I'm working with Mask Editor generator in SP for a long time and allways have a problem with uneven curvature no matter what settings, especially with symmetry mesh (but it's not symmetrical in UV, no seam in the center). I tried to bake curvature with seams and without, with seam is working better, but allways on symmetrical sides the result is different... Not sure is it a bug or coming from something else, but I never experienced it in Quixel Suite 2, where the curvature is just tunning the brightness/contrast of the baked texture, in painter baked curvature seems ok, but thru mask editor it's just popping randomly, sometimes there is a line on one side. Maybe the team will look into it. Thanks!

Hello all, I can't publish to .sbsar file, got bunch of errors. I attached .sbs maybe someone could look into it please, thanks!

Hi all,
have a problem with controlling the custom global variable heightY in FX-map. The idea is I created random grass leave generator and I need small leaves to be on the lowest position, when scaling them down.
In Pattern Offset I created the variable heightY for Y position and pass it globally thru Sequence node see scr. 01.
In Pattern Size I'm changing the leave size randomly and do condition if else check. So the idea is if the size is lower than 0.6, I need to move that leave down, so I need to add to global variable heightY some random value (in my case is 0.2) and somehow update heightY globaly, so it will move to that value all leaves smaller than 0.6
But it's not working, can anybody help me please.
Thank you.

Hello team,
very often I'm using tile generator for different needs, for example one for tiles, another one for masks, another one for colors and etc to create one texture and when you're updating parameters in one, you need to expose manually those to another tile generator node and very often you can't predict what parameters you will need to be exposed and how much the same tile generator nodes you will need, and simetimes it's a pain and lot of work to do it manually, so the idea is to create some kind of an all parameters expose connector between selected tile generator nodes, it will work only on the same type of node and can be used not only for generators, but basicaly for all nodes, for example warp, directional blur and etc, basically where you want to use one setting for tile pattern and it will propagate in all graph in the same tile generators.

Thank you! :)

hello everyone,
i have a very noob question:
there is a preview mesh sphere in designer and my material is rendering on it properly, without any streching. now as i don't know where is storing all preview meshes in designer i created custom sphere with simple sphere UV projection, but it is streching on top and bottom. can you please help me figure out how to proper UV for the sphere without streching. thanks!
here are some screens from designer and toolbag.

Hello everyone,
I'm using tile generator for tiles and for the input there is an image from other node. While creating tiles there is a small 1 pix gap between tiles. How I can remove it?
I beleive the problem is somewhere either in blending mode or something with Alpha channel of the input image. I messed with blending modes, alphas and etc but nothing helped... Any ideas? Thanks!

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