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upd. ok I found out why, if you do outside bevel it will be parallel lines.

was testing the latest version of SD and found out that Bevel node is working differently...

I have a tutorial on yt where I was showing how it was working in older version. You can see the corner has parallel edges, but newer version is angular.

Any ideas why it was changed? Thanks!

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Sub only?
 on: March 20, 2019, 05:38:36 am 
was at GDC today, saw the announcement and was so excited to try it tonight at hotel but... oh:( in the Licenses there is no link for Alchemist Beta :'(

Hey Jeremie, I PMed you files.

Ok, understood. Yeah meant about preventing bluring effect, because the sliders are just decreasing the effect... Maybe u can plan it to the future updates, think it's a useful feature to have an ultimate control here, because it's so important for the edge control and etc. Thank you Jeremie.

Hello Jeremie, thanks for the reply, u're absolutely correct. On the edges where curvature bleeding is happening there is a UV shell.
Are there any solutions to workaround it? Or maybe you can get the control of blur amount in Mask Editor for the curvature? I'm getting a lot those artefacts and I'm not packing my UVs too tight.

Hi all, I'm working with Mask Editor generator in SP for a long time and allways have a problem with uneven curvature no matter what settings, especially with symmetry mesh (but it's not symmetrical in UV, no seam in the center). I tried to bake curvature with seams and without, with seam is working better, but allways on symmetrical sides the result is different... Not sure is it a bug or coming from something else, but I never experienced it in Quixel Suite 2, where the curvature is just tunning the brightness/contrast of the baked texture, in painter baked curvature seems ok, but thru mask editor it's just popping randomly, sometimes there is a line on one side. Maybe the team will look into it. Thanks!

Hello all, I can't publish to .sbsar file, got bunch of errors. I attached .sbs maybe someone could look into it please, thanks!

Vincent, thanks it seem like a good idea. I was thinking about it but still didn't get with any better solution.

Hi Vincent, thanks for getting back!
So no chance to use a mask input and apply it in blending function instead of using Max blending mode?

added screenshot with a problem. Thanks!

Hi Vincent,
I've got another trouble here, when I'm starting to work with one input leave and add depth details on it, after FX map mix, I have some grass leaves are overlaping each other even with Max blending mode and variety in Luminosity grass leaves are cutting each other where height level is the same... so the only one fix I see here is to use blending with mask, so I have mask for the input leave and can put it into 2nd slot to FX map, but how I can use it in the graph? So I need to get the mask from 2nd input and apply it in blending mode. There is a Samplers node for it, created, selected 2nd input, but stuck with a math... Neeed help. :)

Nicolas Liatti, thank you.

Vincent, thanks a lot man! Very appreciated your help, I explored your logic and it opens me the way I can apply it in a little different way and now everything is working. Thanks again, it's a great path of learning. The one bug or maybe not a bug I found while working a lot with FX maps, when sometimes I'm doing ctrl+z undo the connections of graphs, they are becoming greyed out and not working, not sure why it's happening, but very often I need to reconnect all the Sequence nodes up to the top to renew everything.

Vincent, thank you! :) slowly, but moving forward! I'll try to rebuild logic that way second time, maybe it will work.

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