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So the 3D View save state doesn't seem to save... everything. I have to always go into the material and re-enable the Tesselation. It's driving me mad. It's storing my rotation / position of camera but nothing else. Environment is gone, shader settings gone. All of it reset.

Designer 2019.1.2

Hello, hope someone can help point me in the correct direction on this. Here is the setup.

I am using a tile sampler to input 6 different patterns. Each pattern is a different angle of a 6 sided shape. The reason I need to do this is the shape has a slope in it, and I want to make it so that you can input a mask that arranges the shapes to follow that pattern. But the slopes need to line up their angles to make that shape.

From a side view the shape is like this __/¯¯

So I need those elevated shapes to line up properly to make the shape.

A link to the 3d view this far since I think that might help explain it. So if i wanted a triangle shape I would hope that a black and white image could arrange these the proper way to create the triangle shape. Where pattern 1 might be a slope up / and pattern 2 might be the slope down \ and pattern 3 might be the __ lower part.

Boy I hope that makes sense. Anyhow, I have tried using the pattern distribution on the tile sampler but that obviously doesn't work so simply because the ranges will force the wrong pattern on all sides.

Any ideas? Because I don't think the pattern input on the tile sampler is going to achieve this in a simple way.


I was wondering how the pattern distribution map works because I can't seem to nail down how to use it with more than 3 patterns. What I am trying to achieve is having the arrangement of the 3 patterns based on the distribution map but it seems to entirely ignore one of the patterns. This is using either gradient based pattern in the pattern mask or a solid color. I would have assumed something with some fall off like a gradient would place Pattern 1 at white, pattern 2 around gray, and pattern 3 around black or something to that extent.

Any pointers or videos that might help me understand this better on this node?


I have an unusual situation. My 2d images through out the graph are showing no banding but when I get out to some of my outputs I am starting to see banding (step effect) on the height and normals. If I set the absolute value of the document from 8bit to 16bit this resolves it. But I just find it odd that it doesn't show up at all until the end of the graph really. Is there something I am missing? Should I pretty much always work in 16bit?

So I was doing some warps and slope blurs and realized my image was no longer seamless. Any suggestion on how to make the images seamless again?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Two requests.
 on: May 07, 2017, 02:04:58 am 
No idea if these were requested or not so sorry if they are repeats. Just a couple things I have noticed lately while working in SD6 that I would like to see.

1. Retain your view / position in the node graph when switching between substances and graphs. Having to re align my view every time I switch back and forth between graphs can be tedious.

2. Allow a second 2D View window.

Can anyone help me understand the different between the different normal nodes?
Height to Normal
Normal Sobel

What is the difference between these?

On Height to Normal the parameters are very different too and I am not sure how they affect the depth / strength of the normal versus the "Intensity" option of the others.

Hi guys,

Somewhat a beginner with SD. Used it off and on for a couple years now.

I am trying to achieve a grunge look procedurally and was wondering if anyone had some advice on what they might do or suggest for me to try to achieve a look similar to this.

Hi there,

I am using b2m in unity but what I have realized is it doesn't work with Shader Forge shaders. Is there any way to get them to work with custom shaders or with shaders from a plugin like Shader Forge?

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