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Great manhole(somehow typing that made me feel dirty.. is manhole the correct term?)it looks totally awesome
Im not a fan of your blood though, it looks like paint. I think blood is darker and less opaque, it migh also use some wet edges.

But it is great submission nevertheless:)

Hey guys,
I've decided to take part in the procedural material contest, although its my first time ever sharing a substance.
I would love to hear your critique
All screens are rendered in SD viewport

Cylinder with procedural bark

upper half SD material ,bottom half texture acquired by photogrammetric scan

SD material on a plane

Thanks for the links, that is what i was looking for :)
 You guys provide wonderfull support

Hi Wes :)

Actually im looking for the overview of whole concept, i kinda understand most of the concepts and at the same time i understand nothing :D it just didnt clicked for me

I've started to look into it to lock up two or more float expressions(, in different nodes,) together, e.g. x and y amount in tile sampler with blur amount. (To ensure that when pattern is smaller, output i less blurred)

Though I havent found an anwser,but I've realised how badly i need to comprehend that side of SD

Edit: my background is in Mari and digital/traditional painting so it is difficult for me to break trough to thoose kind of nodes

I've been looking lately for a video course for Dynamic functions from basics, i've found a couple of videos on allegorythmics yt channel, and in thoose vidoes letor mentions that he is going to elaborate on the subject. Is there any course available online for that topic?

Found it ! thanks

in older versions of Substance Desginer under each graph there was small annotation of a number of ms it took to render said graph, since i've downloaded 5.3.2 it dissapered? is there a way to turn it back on?

now its working fine :) thanks

I've checked issue on two copies of Substance, my personal Indie; bought via Steam, and in work on Pro standalone. In both cases bug persist

Substance crash on open substance /create new substance  V. 5.3.1 Program was working fine yesterday

"You want to modify the random seed of a single node within the graph ?"
Yes i would like to expose each splatter noise's seed within my graph separately

Thanks i will try that out :)

Im wondering how to expose Seed from Splatter Circular, I found that i have to add input node with Integer1, but i have no idea how to do that.  ???

 I have made a custom Pebble Generator, with one Input and one Output(heightMap), and along the way it have a number of Splatter Circular, with different nodes connected to them, and i would like to expose all of the Random Seeds

I have set Type of Input, in the Input Parameters Roll out of Substance to Integer1, but randomseed still have Expose option greyed out, what should i do?

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