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downgraded again, cause i cannot load my sbar files anymore (in fresh new created max files)... crashes instant...
these are only working with loading old max files.. sorry

in the substance 1 plugin, i had gamma corrections to set and the resolution is limited to 2k , but the rest is working :/
just compared those 2 (i updated the dlls in the max directory manually, like in old times)

i just saw a dangerous feature /bug :

1. create a material with substance inside
2. change substance output size to something not default
3. create a copy of this material
4. everything should be the same, but it is not.... it`s completely resetet
 -output size will be resettet to 512x512
 -basic parameter,Noise,cordinates ,... are also resettet
5. Material is totaly different and not a copy anymore

would be nice to have a info tab (like in the old version ) to see which version i have installed....

is it so hard to give us a recompiled 2019 version for max 2020?

i had the same , but i downloaded my lic from the download page and activated over the lic file that worked

I got the same error message as rxu05346.

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