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Hi there,

I'm new to substance painter but can see that there is a problem already with the application.

I am following the tutorial on creating the first material and when I bring up 3d perlin noise in the 2d view and then try to scale it the 2d view just displays a flickering grey image.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?


I've been wanting to use substance painter for a while now but because of work I've not managed to find the time. I've done a lot of searching on hi-res workflows for 3dsmax/zbrush > substance painter but cannot find a simple explanation on how to do this. I can only find high > low poly workflow baking normals etc and then texturing in substance painter.

I basically need to know what the work flow would be if I created a mesh in zbrush or 3dsmax and then imported it into substance painter. Can substance painter handle many polys from zbrush ? Will I be able to create wear/damage maps from hi-res geometry only that I can use on the hi-res geo ?

Any help or links to help would really be appreciated as I would really like to use SP for some future projects. Thanks.

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