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Hello and happy new year :) First, sorry for waking up my old thread but I solved this problem. I reformated Windows from scratch and installed Designer to another drive. Now everything seems to work, also with Malwarebytes turned on and firewall turned on. Tested all the material formats. Problem solved.

Hello, I figured out the export problem from Maya to SP. You have to use the Game exporter instead of the normal export process now. Everything works fine :)

Thats wierd. Maybe a reinstall can fix it :)

Have you got a look at it?

Thanks for your reply :) Its a SBS with the read-only unchecked. I tried to uncheck the read-only on the whole program path itself in the Steam folder, but that didnt work either.

I did some Googeling, but the solutions I found seems to be outdated for this version (newest). Hope someone can help me.

I cannot edit packages because its read-only. I unchecked read-only in the materialfile itself and the package folders. But its still says read-only in SubstanceDesigner. What do I do wrong?

My model finally showed up correctly. Had to remodel the whole thing in Blender, then imported it into Maya and then into SubstancePainter (Dont mind the horrible texturing) Thanks for all your help :)

Now I tested the 2016 fbx  file in SubstanceDesigner and there it worked as it should :)

Tried it in Mari, just for a check and there the 2016 fbx worked as it should.

I tried to reinstall SubstancePainter now, but it still happends.

Must be something on my end then. Sure, heres the mtl: . Its originally a combined mesh, but I seperated it again for this purpose.

Thanks, that would be great :)

A simple cube with auto UV mapping worked. Maybe I can try to reinstall SubStancePainter and see whats happends. Its almost like SubstancePainter dosent like too much advanced stuff from Maya. This is the Steam Version of SubstancePainter, by the way.

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