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I own a commercial version of SD 3.x - with it I had option to download Substance Batchtools, which I used sometimes to improve my workflow via custom shell scripts.

1. Do you have a newer version available (latest I have is 3.7.1 12752) created alongside SD 4.x ?
2. Is it available in Substance Indie Pack or is it only Pro Pack option ? I couldn't find any information about that.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - 2D View question
 on: April 19, 2014, 10:38:42 am 
I like the new 2D view in newest SP, but it's good for me only for certain projects...thus comes a question - how to turn it off ? I can't find any option to do that and I really would like to reclaim the other half of my viewport.


For example:
I have parameters Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Contrast, Color replace with each belonging to group "Base setting".
After using sbsmutator, resulting .sbs combines the group label with parameter name using "|" as separator:
Base setting | Hue, Base setting | Lightness, etc.

Is there a way to change this behavior ?

When using sbsmutator on substances with the "--connect-image" input name is required. Sbsmutator gets the parameter name from "identifier" value in the .sbs, not the label - so manual editing of .sbs file is required for the parameter labels to match parameter identifiers.
It would be sweet to be able to change the input nodes identifiers inside SD (or change behavior of mutator to grab the label instead)

Currently I either have to manually edit .sbs or pass some cryptic Input_1, Input_2... to sbsmutator trying to remember which one is AO or Normal map.

It seems the installer for my copy of newest batchtools 1.5.0 is broken :/
I'm getting NSIS Error.
No problem with SD 3.5
Anyone else with same issue ?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Performance questions
 on: February 18, 2013, 02:11:07 pm 
Hello wonderful people at Allegorithmic - I have a couple node computation questions regarding performance of the final sbsar substance.

Example problem:
I have a door (metal) to texture, the client wants to have (optimistic version) 2 different metal types in the substance to switch. I can separate the default scratches and other weathering and put it in the graph as an instance. But what about the metal node chains ? Can they be instanced as well ? Or should I make different sbsar for each metal type - which will increase the total substances size as each sbsar needs to have normal map baked from high poly mesh.

1. How are the switch blend nodes evaluated ? The question is are the different node chains existing prior to the blend switch computed or not ? It looks like Substance Designer computes it all (eager evaluation). I wonder if the same substance published and used in Unity/UDK use different method (lazy evaluation) to check first for the default switches, and compute first only the needed node chains. When I'm creating simple node chains that give me only diffuse with mixed AO in them it matters little but what if I wanted to instance more complicated, lengthy graphs, each with it's own diffuse, normal, AO, etc. output.

2. Suppose I didn't put the metal node chains as instances put just pasted them into the graph. First noise generator used in the upper chain is the same as the noise generator used in the lower chain. Does it matter for the published substance if they are separate instances ? Or should they be collapsed to just one ? They both use the same exposed value/function.

3. If the sbsar in Unity/UDK is computing all nodes, I was thinking about putting a blend switch nodes (with UFC as 2nd input) just after each noise generator. They would be driven by the same exposed value as the main switch (most right). I don't know if the noises are computed or not in this case (ref question 1), but at least changing them to uniform color should speed up the computation of the rest of the chain. Or am I wrong ?

I would like to see (1) graph navigation option based on exposed parameters and (2) reverse exposed parameter information. What I mean:

1. After making a bunch of substances and exposing parameters of their nodes, I save them for later use. Everything is tip-top short time after or when I work on them - I can easily remember which exposed parameter correspond to which node, however after some time I'm often lost. Only way for now to figure that out (that I know of) is to jiggle with exposed parameter default value looking at the graph which node is changing - after opening that graph and changing the input to some static vector / diffuse / color map.
Proposal - getting from exposed parameter to it's node / nodes (or highlighting it / them).

2. Selecting exposed parameter in node should give information about it's exposed name and/or label. Now after clicking the exposed parameter in node I get the list of all the labels.
Proposal - exposed parameter label/name on top of the list ? different color ?  label / name after hovering over ?  etc.

In my opinion the second option is more important - as there can be multiple nodes sharing one exposed param.
Thanks :)

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