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Getting closer! Finished the pants and the boots today, now I gotta work on the arms and refine the overall details and materials :)

Another update, finished the bulk of the denim jacket and added the patches in! I also quickly blocked in the pants, that's gonna be my next big task to work on :)

@Martoon: thank you!!

Just a small update for today as I didn't have a lot of free time, blocked heights on the jean jacket and added stitches and buttons, have to refine some shapes, add the button holes, then add patches! also very quickly blocked in the shape for the shirt.

Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Thank you very much!

Here is my progress for today, I refined height values, worked on the head materials more & added hard surface detail, and started blocking out the jean jacket on the body!

Hey guys!

My name is Matt, I'm in my last semester of college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate NY, and I wanted to start a thread to share progress on my entry for the Meet Mat 2 contest :)

I'm doing a meet mat inspired by british punk culture from the 80s with a painted metal twist, which kinda happened while I was playing with displacement settings to see the kind of results I could get!

Here's the first WIP I had after working on the head for a bit yesterday:

Any feedback and critique is welcome! Good luck to everyone in the contest :)

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