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Sorry for the delay in replying. I work on both Mac and PC, but I first noticed this issue on my PC. I'll repro and upload video.

This is not necessarily a bug, but rather a workflow and documentation suggestion. Here's what I've found:
1. I made materials in Substance Designer, and exported .sbsar files to Unity.
2. Using the latest plugin from the Unity Asset Store, I imported the .sbsars into a Lightweight project.
3. I linked the generated textures from the .sbsars to Lightweight Standard materials, using the Metallic/Smoothness workflow.
4. I found that the normals in the .sbsars were inverted.

Here's the fix:
1. In Substance Designer, set Normal nodes to use OpenGL format.
2. Add a Normal Invert before the Normal Output, inverting the green channel.
3. Re-import if needed.

I'd suggest that until the Unity plugin supports the Scriptable Rendering Pipeline fully, that this be added to the docs' section on LWRP/HDRP for clarity.

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