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I have this really weird problem where I can't export multiple UV maps to Susbtance Painter. The problem was that I have two UV maps in blender, "head" and "body," each with their own assigned material. But when exported to Substance Painter (as an FBX), it recognizes the separate materials, but only shows the UV unwrap for the head. Nothing appears for the body material.

Thing is I found a fix for it... before it broke. I thought the problem was that the unwrapped head was present on both UV maps so I just welded it down in the Body UV map and pinned it. Somehow that fixed it and Substance Painter started to recognize the UV unwraps for the body. Then I went back to pack the islands to fill up the UV image and now its doing the same thing again.

So my questions; A) how do I go about importing multiple UV maps? Yes, the body and head both have their own materials assigned to them Substance recognizes they are separate materials but as mentioned only loads the head UV unwrap. I tried searching for the issue but only found one other thread of a person with a separate issue.
B) It is necessary to have separate UV unwraps for separate materials, right? I am new to Substance of course, and my understanding is that a common practice is to have a separate UV image for the face, as it contains a lot of detail that would be difficult to illustrate in a shared image with the rest of the body.
And side question, is it possible to change my username or will I need to create a new profile..? I didn't mean to use my real name here. :o

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