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For bitmaps you'll need to slot them into a Fill Layer under the proper channels. Then you can use masking to direct them if you wish to paint.

I would guess your texel density isn't the same throughout.
looks like that was my problem, thank you so much! Do you have any quick tips to fix this issue in the future? I found it to be kind of time consuming to fix this issue. Thanks again  :)

Depending on your 3D software package after unwrapping you would select all your UV shells and apply your density which would be equal throughout. You also want to make sure all your transforms are applied (frozen) and uniform prior to unwrapping.

You can run both versions without a problem. Installing the new Painter doesn't impact the prior one.

You'll have to do it with a plane as there is no other way in Painter. Otherwise look into Designer for material creation.

This is a bug and will not impact anything.

Very odd. I've seen this happen after baking if the UVs were overlapping due to the AO. If this got resolved from a reboot you might want to check your drivers and such.

Most likely your UVs.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Monster Head
 on: June 11, 2021, 01:26:18 am 
Small piece I worked on as part of a course I'm releasing soon.  ;D

Did you try selecting all the faces and just packing it so it all goes back to your 1001 tile?

If you still cannot solve the issue can you share the mesh and I'll fix it.

You can isolate meshes by geometry masking. If you just want to paint on selective faces you'll need to make a mask and use polyfill. Otherwise, make an ID Map prior.

I actually have a video for this just not edited and uploaded yet, but you have a few options.

1. Use something like Photoshop to merge them
2. Bring everything back into Painter under a single MAT ID and use fill layers and masking as needed
3. Use Substance Designer
4. Use a 3rd Party tool like: Texture Set Combiner -

I would guess your texel density isn't the same throughout.

If you're going to ever re-import a mesh and want projection to work you need to avoid touching the 2D view. Paint strokes done in the 3D view are recorded, not the 2D view. Also if your bounding box changes it can throw off the projection. Place holders can be used to expand that bounding box if you think you might change it in future.

The only time I remember this happening was with an old version of Painter due the MATFX Rust generator.

Other than that, if you're opening a new project and baking and right away the normals are green I would check your GPU drivers.

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