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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Import Custom Fonts?
 on: September 09, 2019, 05:52:17 am 
Is that really the only way to do it? I bought painter and I don't have designer. Am I really expected to buy designer just for new fonts?

Unfortunately. Until Allegorithmic creates a way for Designer to have the font as a parameter that takes a system font as input. That way, we won't need several Font alphas. Just a versatile one.

One Feature Request that would be really really helpful...  can you add an additional Packed Output channel with Metal,Rough, AO Packed together?
can only have 16 textures bound

Hi, Bob!
Packing depends on the material creator, not Substance. The creator decides the outputs.
About the Unreal texture limit, if your project is for PC or console, you can select your texture nodes and set the Sampler Source to Shared: Wrap. Here's why.

Wow! You guys are too fast! :D
Thanks a lot for this!!!

I love you guys! Both the community, that helps me get better everyday, and Allegorithmic who never lets us down!

I'm having very similar multi_switch errors. But in Designer it compiles and exports the sbsar normally. The errors only occur when trying to open the sbs file on Substance Player. Opening the sbsar on Player is also normal. I guess it has to do with some incompatibility between the 6.0.0 Player Linker and the 6.0.2 Designer file.

I've attached my substance file. The node giving the errors is the one connected to the BaseColor output. It has a function to select the correct input and the only possible outputs on that function are either 1, 2 or 3. So I don't understand why it gives me errors asking for inputs from 4 to 20.

But, as I sad, it only gives errors trying to open the sbs file on Player, cause it then compiles the file by itself. Exporting an sbsar from Designer and then opening it on Player is fine.

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