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Hi Everyone,

Here is the key difference. This was not just an acquisition, where Substance is being absorbed and later discarded as we have sadly seen happen many times in this industry. This was an acquisition to bring the entire Allegorithmic team and Substance toolset on board to lead a new 3D initiative within Adobe. We are in charge of this initiative. And this is a very unique opportunity for us to grow and yet retain everything that we are. That opportunity is extremely rare. It's nonexistent in fact anywhere else. This is the only reason we would agree to this deal with Adobe. We love our team and we love our users. 

I think that was the most optimistic outcome I was hoping for: that Adobe is going to give you guys leadership in their new 3d initiative. It sounds good to me! I'm excited :)

This thread is hilarious

If it was not about the money you could just have open sourced it and it would definitely flourish. But that road is too scary.

Sad to see the suite go. Glad that I didn't have to much invested in it.

I guess they must really like salaries, what monsters!

The team at Quixel must be cracking open the champagne right about now...... It's like finding out that Mike Tyson has been paralysed and will fight you in a wheelchair, 5 minutes before you're due to go 12 rounds.

That's hilarious you think Quixel is a better alternative since it literally requires Photoshop to even boot up. (you know, ADOBE photoshop?)

Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.
Ofcourse they dont care. And never did. They have a corporate soul, not a creative one.

lol you are a customer, not a shareholder. Welcome to the real world!

Replies here are so paranoid!
You guys have the benefit of the doubt from me. I really don't care whether you move to subscription or not, as long as the lowest price is similar for Indie versions.
For the naysayers saying they are calling it quits to Allegorithmic and going to 3dCoat and the likes.... give me a break!
Allegorithmic is still delivering the best in class tools, these guys are up there with the best of the best, and they love their product (this is very clear to me!).  3dCoat and such are toys for hobbysts, clearly Allegorithmic isn't trying to expand into the "hobbyist" market but further into high end VFX and video games. Hopefully this gives them the resources to get there!

I'm personally looking forward to integrations with Adobe, like say a live link node between Photoshop and Designer? (live-link for drawing vectors in photoshop and processing them into a Designer graph? Using PS liquify inside a node in Designer?)

That said I am apprehesive that this *could* go wrong... people aren't freaking out for no reason, not entirely.

Also please keep the Allegorithmic forums separate from Adobe users, the forums here are one of the best things about your products! (though looking at this thread you would not think so!)

Here is a different solution.

This method is brilliant! I'm definitely gonna use this in the future. Thanks!

there is a workaround to get a similar effect, check out this artstation post  (scroll to the bottom images to see what he does with the tile sampler)


basically, you would have to convert your height into a normal map and plug it into your tile sampler as a Vector Map Input

He also does some other fun tricks to get the placement to work right (you might have to bevel your shape before turning it into a normal map in order to get the correct "slope" for the vector map input)


If you are not planning on painting at 4k then either the 1060 3gb will probably do the trick (and you can still export a 4k texture easily so you will probably be fine!)
The 1060 is supposed to be quite a bit faster than the 1050 ti but the 1050 has 4gb vram instead of 3. I'm honestly not sure for Painter what matters most, having an extra gb of vram or being clocked 50% faster. I'd probably go for the 1060 personally but I don't know for sure.

This website claims the 1060 is better value for money so I would probably go for that one myself.

If you can afford the upgrade to a 1060 6 GB, I strongly recommend it. In my experience Painter is very VRAM hungry, I currently use a 970 at work and it chugs like crazy (painting in 4k is basically impossible). The 970 only has 3gb VRAM, while the 1050 has 4gb- not much of an improvement.
I have the 1080 at home and with the 8gb VRAM painting is smooth as butter.
My guess is that the 1060 6gb is the sweet spot?

Personally I would stay away from AMD- they might be fine for gaming but I keep seeing driver issues pop up for people when using 3d software.

I think you are missing the point of "trial version"?

I have seen the corruption issues pop up sometimes but I've noticed it tends to happen when I have my save file on the network drive at work. Using lo local drive for the save file I don't see this issue nearly as often (or at all, I have not tested this thoroughly, but it must work because since I changed that habit I don't run into the issue enough to bother testing.)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: merge layers
 on: November 23, 2018, 09:28:52 pm 
If you are looking for the speed bonus I believe you can group a bunch of layers and then close the stack and it actually has a similar effect (memory-wise) to just merging them all.
Not 100% sure on this but I feel like I read that somewhere.

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