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Thank' I am advice!

Ok, Mask can only be exported with all pixel covered if you leave transparency like an Alpha in SD is going to offset the image.
Is it a bug?.

In photoshop I created a mask layer and an albedo, I have tried to import in SD all possible file types like PSD PNG and tiff.
I am using node to make normals with the mask and play to get metallic output.
The problem it always offset the normal with the albedo using the mask from photoshop.
What I am doing wrong, is there some step to use imported image without doing everything in SD?

Find out that RGB/A split and then RGBA merge did the trick!
Thank's to Kirk on discord for help

I need to do some dirty black line and I did with the gradient map then use tile generator but I need only the black and the rest in transparency, by working in gray I get white.
I tried to use Tile generator color and I could have transparency but I can't use with edge dirt, it works only with grayscale.
Is there another solution?

That worked but why we can't do it with shape node?
thank you

This is a mask I am trying to build as it will become my opacity for the image below.

Thank's for reply,
My need is an output of 128x4096 so that's why it is set as Non Square Tiling.
If I need to play with a single shape of that proportion, how I would set 116*512 px, for example, that repeat 4 times with this node?
I try for example to use a square dimension like 512*512 and set the shape as needed and mix with blend to my output size it changes my dimension by stretching it.

Hi, I am doing a dash marking, as you can see I am using the shape node in a non-square output, if I set no tiling, by applying the change to the size as the red arrow show, it dashes the line.
In my logic, it shouldn't.
What I want to archive is the 4 white dash in the example on the side, so after doing the shape I would tile with 2D transform and blend it 4 times or whatever.
Got this strange behave with non-standard square shape.
When you use size in a shape node, it normally changes size on whatever dimension you want, but it remains a single shape.
In a non-square standard, it dashes even if I set no tiling like the red arrow show.
Any hint?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Alias link
 on: October 04, 2019, 10:57:35 am 
I was thinking that an alias link node would save lots of headaches when the graph gets out of control.
We could organize it as a blending node and set it with custom parameters.
I resume in this picture what I mean.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Ground marking step
 on: October 04, 2019, 10:04:41 am 
Hi there, I need to create a texture sheet with several decal that are used as ground marking, I am following this method:
Uniform color-transform 2d (Filtering Nearest, otherwise I get gradient border, and then with handle create the rectangle )
then blending all of them with add linear, is this the best method or I am taking a long step as I have lot's of shape to do?
If I want to add corrugated border I use slope blur grayscale is this the best or there is a better solution.
For the font is it better to bring them with PNG?
thank's for hint

I got some help on discord and the non-square transform node is what I am looking for.

I want to build texture with 4096x128 dimension and I need to use material from the library to get all fancy channel but once I try to blend them is impossible due to the different dimension and get stretched result.

Hi thank's for help but unfortunately, they don't show up even after set on project custom library

How did you bring from Source website file inside the library of designer?
If you use the icon on Source website is just downloading and open in designer but how to add for good in the library.
If I place them manually they don't show up!

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