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I have a LUT that we are using to match our current color pipeline, but unfortunately it is being read when we use the channel view baseColor in painter.

Is there a way for the baseColor channel view to not be read as linear when using a custom LUT?
Base Color - Profile: Linear

We would still prefer to see this in srgb.

I would expect the thickness map to not give seams with textureSets, since its just an inverted AO and AO works correctly.

But when rendering with UDIMs, in my case 6 UDIMS on a human body, there are seam in thickness map on each UV cut.

Is this behavior expected?

Thanks Froyok!

Everything is working now! Cheers.

Just adding to this, trying to do the same thing today for our facility library.

Can't add custom icons when we load things from a predefined shelf, even when checking on default.

Ideally there would be an option to bake the icon right into the sbsar or in the case of utilities having our custom icons visible.

Do we know when this will get fixed for linux version?

Still can't rotate/pan move around with pen input. intuos 4 latest drivers.

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