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Inside your settings you can add a templates directory to a new sbs project config file

just save your graph to a new location and add that location to the templates directory.

You can then select that template when starting a new graph project.

Thats unfortunate, seems like an obvious problem in the UX of using presets.

Unfortunately I don't even see player in the user voice categories to submit this as a feature request.

If you use presets embedded into the sbs/sbsar from designer, when you flip to new presets it your graph resets output size to default 512x512

Is there a way to lock this to 2k/4k while I'm working on presets and or exporting? It's very annoying to have to change that Output Size everytime I flip to a new preset (hundreds for this specific sbsar)

Is there way for player default output size to be changed? Thanks!

Might I recommend proper OpenColorIO support, it would most definitely allow facilities to better manage substance in their own pipelines.

In your layers pallete, flip the toggle where it says "baseColor" in the top left of that pallete, to "height" it now gets its own blending method.

You can flip that layer from ADD to NORMAL and it will just layer on top of layers below it, just like photoshop.

By default, SP layers height channels as ADD.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: new bakers...
 on: April 18, 2018, 01:40:23 am 
Absolutely! These would all be great to have.

The Height map baker would be big for the VFX houses using substance in order to gather displacement Data instead of just normals. 2018 Designer has a height baker, so hopefully thats coming to painter soon.

In SP 2018 the Height Force slider is removed from the shader params. Is there any reasoning behind this?

It seems the addition of Parallax Occlusion mapping is also a bit odd, as it only takes a Displacement channel, so if you have complex smart materials you essentially have to go back an rebuild them all to utilize Displacement channel as well as Height in order to see Parallax Occlusion.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: Wishlist
 on: February 16, 2018, 02:04:12 am 
7. Reloading a texture in your shelf to update it for changes should update all instances of that texture being used in your project. Currently you have to manually drag and drop to replaced every instance of that texture's use in your scene.

You can use the resource manager, which in my opinion is a perfectly adequate way to propagate a new or updated texture and replace them in each instance in your project, try it out!

I would have thought the triplanar implementation was a small workaround for UDIM support, but with position maps baking per textureSet and not the boundingbox of the whole mesh we still can't get rid of many seams.

Is there something I am missing in the options to get the position map to bake against the whole mesh? Or another workaround available?


It would be nice to display the current mesh loaded in your scene in the project configuration dialogue window, so you can ensure proper loading of new meshes/versions.

I can't find answers in the documentation, maybe it hasn't been updated yet with 2.6 features yet.

Is TextureSet renaming exposed for scripting? If so, when can we expect documentation on it.
Also, now with textureSet renaming there can be many human errors that occur, It would be great to have a $udim token to still use in the export window for UDIM workflow but still allowing us to change the name of the textureSet for workflow and ease of use.

You need to use the align to center function in the splatter circular, here's an example graph for you.

Not in this bake you see, but I just re-ran it with a hi poly, slightly sculpted mesh and got the same result.

Also checking the use low poly as high poly, as well as loading the same mesh into high poly yielded the same results.

Heres my LOG and a screencapture.

Apologies for the delay.

Just adding to this....

This is from the documentation:
When "Activate Color Profile" is enabled the rendering of the viewport is done in Linear/Raw for every view (including solo channels)

I guess I'm wondering, why is this the chosen behavior? Should we not be viewing srgb channels appropriately? Or at least make toggling on and off Activate Color Profile a hotkey-able process?

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