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Hello all

I have a box with some area where I want transparency (something like glass). I made a substance in SD to test how opacity works and there are the results. With OpenGL render and with iRay.
As you can see with OpenGL (bottommost pic) the transparency is not well rendered, with Iray the result is what I expected.

My question is how this kind of substance will be displayed in UE4 ? Is there a way to have in UE4 the same render as in SD with Iray render ?


Thanks a lot for the attachment...
I found a workaround by displaying the "Material 3" as standard and coonect a Transform 2D to the opacity channel. The only caveat doing this is that you're not sure the Transform 2D is exactly the same as the one in the (original) Transform Material node

Best regards


I want to blend 3 materials.

Material 1 and 2 are basic ones with BaseColor, Normal, Roughness and Metallic.
Material 3 has the same base + an Opacity output set with "opacity" as usage, so Material 3 has an opacity channel.

My problem is when I connect my "Material 3" instance to a "Material Transform" node,  the "opacity" channel is not here (see screenshot)
Is there a way to have my "opacity" channel affected by the "Material Transform" as other channels ?

Thanks for answering !
I just found the "Multi-Switch" node before reading it ^_^.


Hi all

Is it possible, in Substance Designer 5.3.2, to make a "BaseColor" output conditional ?


I have 4 "Blend" nodes in my graph.

if condition 1 is true "BaseColor"  should be the result of the Blend n°1
if condition 2 is true "BaseColor" should be the result of the Blend n°2 etc....

How can I do that ?

Thanks for help

Hello all

[EDIT & SOLVE] Just restart my PC and all is fine now

I report it as a bug but not sure if it is really a bug.

I can't drag and drop the "If...Else" node from the Library to my graph, and it is not available in the list when hitting the space bar and searching "if".

No problem with other "logical" nodes like "Difference"...

Did I miss something basic ?

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