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Is there any way for me to set my default destination for exporting images to be the same place where the .sbs I'm exporting from is saved? I often find myself accidentally exporting to where my template .sbs is saved and wasting time selecting the correct export file path

Heyo, so I'm looking into getting substance designer much more integrated into our environment art pipeline to help maintain consistency between artists.

If I create a moss substance that is used within a few different substances such as bricks, rocks, etc, and then that moss substance gets changed, is there a way to automatically re-export all the dirtied graphs that are referencing the moss? If this doesn't happen automatically, is there then a way to see all the substances that are referencing the moss?

Heyo everyone! I've been messing around with substance a bit recently and am starting to try and tackle new challenges with it. I'll be dumping both "finished" materials here, along with WIPs. I'm very much open to any criticism or questions.

Subway platform Material WIP

Stylized stones variants WIP

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