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I have noticed when I click on a substance material in the source library (within the substance launcher), that on EVERY material, the 3rd preview screen doesn't load.  It just shows a generic black and white design of the little orb shader test thing.  (attached)

After a little more research, I discovered you can actually create UDIMs workflow within C4D.  It's just not documented and the interface does not give you much indication that's what you are doing.  It's working though.  I will update after I've tried to import textures back to C4D

Is it possible to paint across texture sets that are not setup as UDIM?  Or must they have the UDIM coordinate space?

C4D does not allow creation of UDIMs as it only supports the 1001 space.  (At least not in the version I have - R20)

After waiting so long for cross-texture painting, I was hoping it would work on non-UDIM formatted UVs as just texture selections.  (This is the way it's been done for ages in C4D - just with selection sets)

I have a cylinder that I made 2 selection sets with and applied different materials in C4D - exported as .obj and it imports to Painter and shows 2 texture sets.  However both sets are labeled 1001.  I believe they have to be for C4D to work properly.

When I try to paint, half of the cylinder disappears (the half I'm not painting on)...and it won't paint across the seam.  I have tried choosing the other texture set, which then lets me paint on that half, and the other disappears.

Logic then dictates choosing BOTH texture sets...but still only allows painting on one at a time. No painting across seams.

Am I missing something? (I hope!) or is this a lost cause with C4D r20?


On further attempts, I see that it is only affecting Painter, not Designer or Alchemist.  I'm thinking maybe it was just an old saved password.

It's been a few weeks since I used Painter.  Tried to run it today and I'm getting the following error:

There is an issue to contact our server (status 500). Please try again later.
etc. etc.

The problem is, I generally use Substance products about once a month or every couple of months.  Lately (for several months now) I run into this issue.  My internet connection is fine and all other subscription software is working fine.  It is only with Substance that I have this problem.

Is there something I should look into that could be the culprit?  It's not very convenient to have to download a license file everytime I want to use the software.  I miss the days of just buying it, installing it, using it.

Working in 4k with only a Wacom as input, I'm finding it VERY difficult to grab hold of scroll bars in all the UI across Substance products.

After my last post, I learned that Alchemist does not export procedural materials at all.  It just puts the texture maps into a .sbsar container.  That's pretty disappointing and means Alchemist will not be super useful in conjunction with Painter for now.

Really hope this feature can be added.

As a work-around, are the filters in Alchemist available to Painter somehow?  Can I install them into Painter?

In particular, I'm currently working with the moss splatter effect in Alchemist.  I know there are other ways to come up sith something similar in Painter, but I really have it looking like I want - now I just need the ability to randomize it in Painter.

This is really unfortunate, and without the exposed parameters I don't see the point of Alchemist when combining with Painter.

Without exposed parameters being carried through to the .sbsar that is exported from Alchemist, I literally see no point in using Alchemist in my workflow in conjunction with Painter.   

I now understand that the reason behind this is that Alchemist does not save out the procedural .sbsar  - It is just exporting textures and putting them in a .sbsar container.

I really hope this feature can be added.  Otherwise the work-around is to create several versions of the material and switch between those in Painter for variety.

Substance LauncherSubstance Launcher - Discussions - A login request
 on: April 07, 2020, 08:16:06 pm 
So say you're browsing the Source library in the Launcher, and you find a material you want to download.  You didn't realize you were not logged in (which is another problem altogether - logins are not persistent no matter what I try).

So when you attempt to download, it tells you you must be logged in.  So you click on the pull down menu at top right (account icon) and login. 

After logging in, it takes you back to the default view of "new assets".   Now you have to try and find the material you were attempting to download.  And if you didn't make a note of the name, you have to spend more time digging it back up.

Wouldn't it make more sense if it just returned you where you were?

Now I'm off to try and find the material I was attempting to download.

Trying to browse source through the launcher again today. It was working again recently, but was slow due to internet being slow because of COVID.  However, today I noticed that the previews are not loading at all.  It just displays a little broken image icon in the top left titled "preview".  It's doing this on all materials on Source trying to browse them through the launcher.

Have you enabled the height channel?  Have you enabled tessellation in the view settings?

As many of us sit at home, stir-crazy and looking for things to do...I WISH we had Cross-texture painting to play with.

Could we get some unification of the color pickers from all the Substance software? (or at least the option to choose).

Painter has a custom Substance color picker. Alchemist uses the system color picker.  Why the inconsistency?  Or is there a setting somewhere that I've overlooked?

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