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it looks green here

I was trying new stitch tool, thanks for it , much better then before...  but to make it much easier and more useful it would be great them to be adjusted with real life universal stitch specifications. Like with SPI ( stitch per inch) and with like tex weight and so on.

I am aware that this is not 3D clothing software but if we are working with clothing or accessories, shoes in SP and using the stitches for those purposes it would be great to work around with those specifications in SP , so all the workflow  would be much smooth for the people who works on those kind of projects.

Is there a way to adjust the Double stitch width? , I played around with the tool and  couldnt find it but wanted to make sure if I missed anything.  The double stitch width looks like 1/8 " but in real life the most common is 1/4" and trying to adjust to that.

I exported this from SP to C4d, when i baked it the normal map at the beginning of the project it  looked totally fine but after texturing it , it looks like this when i export the maps, its weird.

oh i see. ok thank you!

Thank you! for the reply. Yes I brought into my project as a texture, I baked the obj and there is already one curvature map in mesh maps, but i am trying to find out what are the ways to use that zbrush map in SP.

You can bring maps in by File->Import and import it in as a Texture, then drop it under the Mesh Map slot.

Couldn't find a tutorial on this yet, trying to find out how we can use the Curvature map from Zbrush in Substance painter. Like where and how we plug those to give those details. I would appreciate if you know any idea or if there is any tutorial on that subject.

I was just checking the forum for an answer, and looks like someone also had the same issue years ago, it was stating "Just make sure that the normal map slot is active on your layers"  I  checked my layers and they are all active. Attached the normal map that I am getting, is there a bake issue or just a bug? Is there a way to solve this? Thanks!

I processed the fabric in alchemist, but when I add the maps in substance painter  the fabric look like this. attached an image, attached also the fabric that I processed in alchemist,  the texture looks too blurry in SP, like plastic look.. , I am checking the texture maps in another 3D software (Clo) and they look fine on there, so any idea why it looks like this in SP? Thanks!

I am having the same issue, it doesnt allow to bake because there is nothing in texture settings. I have mtl  file though, not sure why it gives the error and why i can not see anything in texture settings.
which text editor we will use to edit?

Thanks for the reply CAgameDev, hmmm I didint know about that, but after you mentioned I checked online and came across  with a video that talks about that, that is on Maya, I use another software but will check out to see how can I fix on mine. Thanks alot! this was helpful!

additional info to my previous UV reply, I also tried put all of them in same UV box, but it was same result so I separated the skirt part into another UV to see if there will be a difference, but there wasnt

Thanks for the reply. This is the UV layout, would this image is fine? or more close up?

Couldnt figure it out the reason yet so hope someone can help me :) When I fill the same texture on different parts of the obj UVs,  it looks different. I tried to adjust the scale to match but it didint solve the issue. Any idea why this happens? or how to fix it?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Auto Stitcher
 on: December 16, 2020, 10:32:29 pm 
Any tutorials on Auto Stitcher generator? , having trouble to find out which map we need to add into custom input?

Also what is the best way doing the stitches in SP  for the projects that are created in MD? Like if there is already stitches on a garment maps. How can I use those maps to create the stitches?

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