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Cool !
It's always tricky when you import an object in an other software, the software tend to triangulate like it wants.
I remembered in the Eugene Petrov tutorial, he said: when you import to game engines your model, triangulate your model before to ensure you model will look the same in the game engine.
Otherwise the game engine will triangulate the model the way it wants, and it could create new artefacts....

I think I found the answer:

By changing the Mipmap Bias in the Viewport settings, that's solve the issue. From medium to very sharp.
I feel stupid, but happy at the same time to have found the answer !

Hi !
Did you try to:
-Create a folder with a black mask and fill the polygon you want in white.
-Create a layer with a black mask, right clic add a paint.
-Drop this layer into the folder.

Select the paint under the black mask of the layer, and retry your projection.

Hope that will solve your issue !

Hi !
I'm not an expert, but I can say after making some hard modeling that even if your model is lowpoly you have to take care of the topology.
Here all the polygons are group to the same vertex (blue). And that's produce pinching.
Also polygons like this one (yellow) is very ''acute'', same thing that's produce pinching.
When you're modeling try to have an homogenous way of welding polygons together.

Try to model like this, that's won't cost you more polygons and maybe that will fix the issue.

I noticed you didn't set your smoothing groups too...

Hope it help !

Hi everyone !
It's been a long time until I decided to ask this question.
Every times I use decals on my guns, I've always the same issue, a white outline appear on every logos.
(My gun is one texture set, my decals are one texture set too).

So as you can see on the main picture, the gun I'm currently working on, you can notice some white pixels around logos.

If we're looking closer, (1) you really can see the problem.

So I tried to cheat (2) with levels to shrink the logo for get rid of those ugly pixels.
But unfortunately, when I extend the view and see the all gun, white pixels show up again !

If someone have an idea for solve the problem I will be glad to heard it !
I'm looking forward to finish the work properly... :o

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Monitor Calibration
 on: March 15, 2021, 01:55:07 pm 
Hi everyone, I was struggling in one of my project, couldn't get a ''black plastic'' right. It looks like more a dark grey (even with color set to full black and roughness to 1) than an real black.

Nobody talk about this here, however to be sure our texture look right, we should pay attention to this.
So after some research I've found this video, and finally my plastic look darker than previously.
I wonder if there are other parameters to consider, please add your knowledge to this topic, that's will be useful for everyone.

Hi everyone !
I was looking for answers, regarding edge detect issues and i found this post.
My tiles samplers are all L16 and under switch engine i use Direct3D 10.
Can't find how to get rid of those artifacts into interstices...!

If i set Edge roundness up to 1, artifacts are gone, same job with Edge width, up to around 1.2 artifacts disappear...

Hope someone could help me for this.. ;D

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