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I've just hit the lack of  height map baker. I have a fairly complex mesh that isn't baking some moulding details nicely (despite using a cage and texture sets for major elements). So I wanted to bake some of these moulding details really quickly onto a height map in Painter - using a new Painter project just for creating this heightmap) - so I could then stamp them in manually using this height map image in the height channel. While I understand you wouldn't normally want the heightmap exported it still seems a curious omission given we might want it for custom shaders etc. So I'm going to have to bake the map in Max instead..

Also while Im here, please, please make it possible to widen the columns in the Export document window!  :o

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Question about licensing
 on: February 02, 2017, 01:46:21 pm 
- edited -  the license is self explanatory, so I answered my own question.  I was just having multiple headaches yesterday while migrating software, but tbh substance isn't too much of a problem with this.. So to keep things simple I will uninstall from the laptop - thanks :-)

Hey Bytefactory, thanks for explaining. This had been bugging me since installing a month ago, but I didn't have time to work it out.. but now I need to use B2M and of course the watermark isn't a good look on my work! Time to find the full version in my account then...

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