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While using Perforce with UE4, if I commit some substance designer materials with all factory, instance and texture files, the textures are not correctly placed in UE4 and are missing from the UE4 library forcing each user to re instance each material. Is this a common issue or something unique to us?

I have done nothing special and our perforce config works perfectly with all other situations, it only appears to be an issue with the integration plugin.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Wallpapers
 on: September 27, 2016, 04:13:04 pm 
I made some Allegorithmic Wallpapers to satisfy my desktop desires.

Not official, no affiliation, just bashed them together using the Press materials images.

Hope its ok to share and causes no issue. Just delete the thread if its a problem. (one is ultrawide for the 21:9 heros)

Anyone who wants to use one, enjoy.

Good for you!

I think the 3gb will do you just fine. I managed with my 2GB GTX 960 but wanted to upgrade to more than 2GB to get 8K exports and a little more stability working in 2-4k painting in substance painter.

Best of luck to you :)

I have an MSI GTX 1060

Can confirm runs like a dream.

When do we start to get free monthly materials again?

Well... looking at the status of the Uservoice ideas I'd say you guys are not really reading/updating that any longer. Any other way to give you feedback/requests?

Thats odd because from my persepective they seem to be doing a really good job at taking on board peoples requests and completing them.

Check this out - Almost all top requests are either being worked on, under review, planned or completed.

I've used Uservoice before, but can't currently access it.

It says I need to log in.
When I click the sign in buttons, it takes me to my Allegorithmic account page (where I'm logged in), but Uservoice still insists that I need to log in!

This is fixed now as far as I can tell. I can login now.

Yea I was surprised when I started downloading and exe.

So I got a mood pack from the Store, Installed it, and It removed all my custom shelf locations.


Obviously I can add them again. But I thought I would post this here.

Yup, Working breazy now even on launch.

Feel free to delete this post unless it will be helpful to anyone else.

While writing this post 5mins+ later, All my shelf files refreshed and the dialogue for closing/saving my current project popped up. So I think this has something to do with large shelves maybe? I dunno. I have probably got 35+ custom materials.

Once my shelf had fully refreshed, seems faster than ever tbh. But on load its taking 5-10mins for the shelf to sort itself out.

Once I open my first project in SP2, I can then no longer open a new file, old file, save or exit. The program just doesn't register the selections, Acts like nothing has been pressed.

Have to force exit using task manager.

Its really choking all resources too on a basic project with little to nothing going on.

Win 7 Pro 64x
Intel Core i7 6700
16gb DDR5
GTX 960 2GB

Ahh thats great to know.

Thanks for the information.

Super dooper, Thanks for the info.

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