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I just payed a subscription but I have no points in Substance Source, shouldn't I have now 30 points?

Can I keep my perpetual license if I subscribe to substance to gain access to substance source points?

Content - Substance Source - Can't login into susbtance source
 on: September 09, 2020, 03:50:42 pm 
I try to login, then the page refreshes and it's as if nothing happened. I tried to do it several times in different browsers but I had the same result. I also try to do it by trying to download a free material and nothing happens when I login either

With SAT, I can obtain the min and max values from the parameters of the graph itself which are SBSParamInput and have the functions getMinValue() and getMaxValue(). But this is not the same for the specific paremeters of the nodes in the graph, which are SBSParameter and don't have these functions. How can can I obtain them then? I know these values exist for this parameters too because in Substance Designer, when you use the slider in these specific parameters for any node in the graph, you are limited by the slider by a minimum and maximum value, and also, when you expose this parameter to the graph itself (converting it into a graph parameter), the min and max values are set automatically according to the limits of the previous slider, so, how can I obtain these values myself by using the SAT python api?

1. The steam perpetual license gives free updates until the end of 2020. If I want updates during 2021, do I have to buy a new perpetual license from steam at full price? How can I keep my perpetual license and keep getting updates for the next year?

2. What is the Substance Automation Toolkit exactly? Is some kind of python library for substance designer? What does it offer that I can't do already by coding a python script in the python editor?

3. Can I access the Substance Automation Toolkit if I have a steam license? Can I access it by linking the steam account to the allegorithmic account?

4. What are the benefits from linking my steam account?

5. What's the downside of linking the steam account? The page says 'This page allows you to convert your Steam license into a standalone license'
Does this mean that I lose my perpetual license from steam to obtain another type of license?

Thank you for your time to answer this questions

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