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I have seen things like this in the latest build of Painter. Just save you work and exit the program, and fire it back up and re-open your project. Should work fine after that. Havent been able to figure out exactly what causes this, but it should work fine after a re-open.

 Good luck!

Hey all,

I just watched the latest Substance Academy video you guys put up (awesome as usual, btw!) and I noticed a few oddities. I seem to be missing some resources that he talked about and some he actually used in the video. Namely, I am missing the Metal Edge Wear filter that he uses at around 56:34 in the video. That effect filter would save me LOADS of time in my hard surface workflows, and I really wish it was showing up for me! Also there are a few other odds and ends I noticed that I don't seem to have, like some alphas associated with the hard surface normal palette.

Now, I completely uninstalled substance painter 2, and reinstalled it using the last version I downloaded and which happens to be the latest available, which is version That did not seem to fix the issue.

So whats the deal? Is he using a slightly enhanced version of substance that happens to have the same revision number? Should I re-download that version and try doing a clean install again? Any help would be awesome!

P.S. I manually checked the substance files, and no, those assets are simply NOT present in the installation.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Gotcha!  ;D

There are a few entries out there with full on clothing that was painted using the height channel, so yeah, I would recommend not going with the sculpted clothing, this would clearly be an unfair advantage compared to the guys who handpainted their cloth and folds :)

Ahh, so by "not recommended", I assume that's a nice way of saying "don't do this, we may disqualify you"? I just clothed him, which would be next to impossible just using a texturing pipeline. So, I ask again, is this a complete no-go? Should I scrap what I have and take a different approach, one that does not require modeling some clothing for normal baking?

Thanks in advance!

@Andre Webe You can modify the UVs but I'll reiterate that baking custom normals is not recommended. This is a texture paiting contest, not a high poly modeling one. As for the resolution, you are not locked and can create a 4k texture set if needed.

@Jorge Barros You can as long as it's not a pure copy of existing material/logo/figurine.


I am trying to bake down some custom normal for the model, but one thing is frustrating more than I can describe...The poorly executed unwrap on the base mesh!

Is I allowable to re-unwrap the base mesh to get better texel density? PLEASE say that that's allowable, because its killing me to see all the wasted space!

P.S. Not sure if its been asked, but are we locked at 2k textures or can we up that to 4k?


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