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would like to use it in modo render

Kinda of a drag if its not possible - do not like having to scan a list for what I am looking for.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: How to emboss
 on: July 07, 2019, 12:54:24 am 
Hi sorry I was on vacation so was sans computer for a month. I did get it to work but not the way I wanted. I brought in a logo and could not find a way to not have the image repeated (tiled) so that I could get the logo to fill the whole plane to the edges.

I drag a material downloaded from substance source onto a folder in alchemist - get a green + sign but on release nothing happens. I do a search and nothing comes up. What is the procedure to import materials into alchemist.

I have a metal that I need to add more tarnish to and need to use it in addition to AO in modo and cannot figure out how to bake and export without it affecting the base color, would appreciate a solution.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - How to emboss
 on: May 31, 2019, 12:42:07 am 
I have created an embossing layer tried the default patters and custom pattern and nothing happens no matter what slider I manipulate. Seems something should show up as soon as a pattern is selected. Need a how to.

I opened Resource Updater and it does not list any items at all in shader or resources. Seems the issue is something else.

Not sure how to do that. If I just open painter with no layers in it, or shader selected, the error message is there. Shouldn't the update, update everything? Anyways here is screenshots of setting window, Don't see anything that indicates shader being out of date.

Never have seen this before, how to fix?

[ResourceShader] WARNING: Output of tessellation evaluation shader 'var_tex-coord3' not read by fragment shader

replied - yes

Sorry for the late reply. That crash report happened before I contacted the forums and after that crash I uninstalled and reinstalled SD this no crash report but still not completing load sequence. I went thru all my other apps (since I was not sure of what you meant by another launch player) and every other app loads with no problem.

Realized I was not as clear as I should have been . I meant to say I am up to date on OSX.

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