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I have been using Substance in a unity project for a while now and up until the latest version of the Substance Unity Addon everything was working fine. However with the latest version, I have been experiencing crashes within Unity when changing a property through script.

Is it possible to revert the addon back to a previous version where it worked?

Hi, when I try to download any substance from Substance Source within painter I get the following message:

[Script] :28: ResourcesError: Preload of C:/Users/Chris/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/substance-source/Temp/jungle_ground_roots.sbsar failed. Doesn't point to a valid resource.

[Script] :80: FileIOError: Write failed

This happens with every substance and I may have wasted a couple of downloads to test it. (Wasn't sure how the downloads system worked not having tested it for years)

Am I missing something?



I was working on a substance in designer and had a bunch of parameters exposed. I could tweak them, change description and the rest fine. As I continued I noticed that all of them suddenly went missing from the Input Parameters tab in the graphs settings. The other parameters in other graphs also now suffer from the same issue. As far as I am aware I did not change anything that should make this happen. Even stranger the parameters are still acting as exposed both in the node and also visible and useable when I use the substance outside of designer (e.g Unity).

It appears there is a problem with just the viewing and editing within designer as they don't show up in the parameters drop down list. As I set up multiple parameters fully, if possible I would rather not clear them from the node and re expose them, especially as it still technically works. New exposes do not appear to show either anyway.

Any advice?

Thank you


I have a peculiar issue in painter in which when I change the texture size to 2k or above my display driver crashes. As far as I can tell I cannot recreate the issue with any other model even when they are more demanding such as higher poly. The sample projects work smoothly at 4k and when I specifically make a more complex model to test it (within reason) it has no problem working. Could it be the model?
The issue does happen even with earlier versions of it that are even simpler and I can't figure out what is causing it. It was created in blender, is there a known issue that can cause this that may be on my model?

I have checked that nothing else is in the scene as well as no history or modifiers. The uvs seem fine and the size is not large or out of the ordinary.

My Hardware is the following:

Windows 7
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460


Hi I was just wondering what Bitmap2Material light means in Substance designer. I know it generates a material from an image but is that usable for commercial use? I own the Indie pack and therefore own bitmap2material as well as substance designer but the fact its called light throws me. Does this mean its just a small version inside designer, or does that mean its a demo incorporated into it. Can I use this node for commercial sale of games or substances/assets?



I have been trying to set up a simple drop box in unity that selects between different graphs in my .sbsar to assign to an object, but unfortunately I don't know how to get unity to find them. If I try to find them via the identifier name in a Resources folder it will not find the material. If I try to find them via the substance it only finds the first graph available and I am unsure of how to find the others.

My code is something like this:

Material MyMat = Resources.Load("MySbsar", typeof(Material)) as Material;
   gameObject.renderer.material = MyMat;


Hey guys,
I have a substance that contains a Metal Edge Wear mesh adaptive but I think it is causing an issue with the overall size. Without it my substance comes to about 477kb in size, however when I use it it jumps all the way to 6mb. Is this the normal size cost for using it, or am I using it wrong? Is there a way to reduce this cost?

I am having an issue with publishing a substance of mine. It has been working fine up to a point but I have been starting to get errors. It contains 5 graphs and when I publish 4 of them, it publishes fine, but whenever I add the fifth I get the attached error message. I have tried ensuring that all my images where jpeg instead of raw, I have lowered the resolution of most of the images, I have double checked the functions and sliders I had applied, all of which fixed this error the first time around. Now I'm out of ideas on what may be causing it.
I removed a graph to find it worked and originally thought it had to be that graph, but after swapping out different graphs, even ones that worked before, I find that it doesn't matter what one it is.

Hope you can help.

I have been trying to publish a substance to test within Unity but every time I do the normal map does not work. I have discovered that the normal map is green, yet it is the standard purple in Designer itself. If I save the normal map output separately it does not change to green and works fine, but obviously I wish for this map to be in the substance itself. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re-using Substances
 on: August 16, 2014, 10:37:59 pm 
Hi I was wondering. If you reused the same substance on multiple objects in a scene, are you able to change the substances values without effecting the other objects, or will it change them all?


*edit* By this I mean using one graph on multiple objects with different values/effects. Is this possible?

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