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And as you said, why I can download assets before?

there is still a question.
My license ends on 15/08/2018, so can i still download assets on substance source then?

I select the annual plan, but it seems didn't recognize my identification, there was not any discount, still $239 per year.
What should I do?

Content - Substance Source - 0 pts - substance source
 on: May 16, 2018, 10:15:42 am 
Could you please check my account to make sure the reason why there is o pts on the top of web.

best wishes!

can I update my personal license which is still available now so that I can pay less if I transfer to studios?

My personal license is available now, if I buy the $4,990 license, can I pay less than $4,990?

Do you have such a license that I have 50 downloads per month or 300 downloads per month?

How much is it and how to buy it ?

Is there any time limited in this way?And how to buy it?

How to down assets without quantitative restriction in Substance Source?
All kinds of license can only download 30 assets every month.If I want to download more than 30, what should I do?
I hope you will reply ASAP.

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