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This is really a non-issue now because in the latest version of Painter we have geometry masking that can hide and show pieces of the mesh. This means we don't have to isolate by material ID anymore to do this. That was a major limitation prior and is no longer an issue.

My guess is that is it still referenced and since the name matches it wont work. I've always just renamed it if I couldn't get it to work.  ;D

Try renaming the file to something else.

I personally wouldn't depend on auto unwrap.  ;) It can be good enough in some cases, but you still want to have good UVs especially when you're baking.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: EXR bugs?
 on: April 20, 2021, 02:34:57 am 
The same answer I gave in the discord. Here is the post referencing it:

I'm assuming you're using an older version of Painter then if Auto Unwrap is not there.

That log message just means you loaded a mesh without a UV map in Channel 0 which I assume was done on purpose as you expected to use 'auto unwrap'. You need the version of Painter that has that feature to begin with.

I did a quick bake and it works fine on the latest version of Painter.

You might want to include your log file then.

It would help to either provide a .spp file, or a video / screenshots of what you're doing. It will work as intended if you have the layer set up properly and your mixing mode.

Can you share the .spp file where you're unable to do anything in?

Either make a custom export template and export the mesh maps, or right click the baked map in your shelf and export.

If you just want the blend into your base color you can do all that in your layer stack within Painter and export the final result.

Without seeing more I would assume overlapping UV shells.

Source downloads (The ones where you need points) are only for paid subscriptions. You'll only be able to get ones marked as FREE on source.

You can blend the ao with your color map in Blender.

What are you looking at using your curvature map for in Blender post-texturing?

You cannot convert projects so you'll either have to try saving out the layer stacks and using them on a non UV tile project, or exporting and re-importing back in with Fill Layers.

You can just make a mask from those shells in Photoshop or whatever application you use. This is the same method as hair cards.

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