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You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. If you update Maya to 2020.1, it seems like it will uninstall the existing plugin and reinstall the 2.0.3 plugin. So you might need to reinstall 2.1.5 after updating Maya.
You're right. It must be versioning issue since I didn't have this problem at the beginning of this year. Iam using Maya 2020.2  plugin is actually 2.1.5 ! I uninstalled Maya and Substance plugin. In addition, I deleted the main folders from program files on my C:\ drive and installed them again but unfortunately ran into the same error.  It's quite bizarre that nothing seems to work when you run into this error. For someone like me who's been using this too often this is just annoying to say the least.

I'd be thankful if you could shine some light on the topic once you find out more about the cause.


Here's a difficult one and about Substance to Maya plugin 2.1.5 and Maya 2020:
I can load substance to Maya successfully and get a drop down. As soon as I load a sample into Hypershade and click on Create Shader Network, maya crashes with Visual C++ Runtime library error. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. I installed Maya, Substance and the plugin from scratch and still getting the error when i want to build substance shader in the Hypershade. Here's the message iam getting:
"Assertion failed!
Expression: res==0
(Please Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

I also tried to update my Visual C++ framework but no luck after the update !!!   Iam losing my mind here !!! please help

When I bring my ok UVs from Maya to substance I get black artifacts all over my uvs ! I tried everything: Harden Normals, Exporting as Obj instead of FBX, conform, Unlocking normals .. But no result ..

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