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Thanks man! All the best to you too :D can't wait to see the final result!

dang haha, I am actually working on the exact same idea as you  XD even the title is quite similar

This is actually a pretty typical lighting setup for showcasing cars. The mandatory renders need to use this environment but you are free to use a custom environment for the optional additional shots that can be sent with the submision.

Hi Jeremie, thank for the reply  :) May I ask during the judging phase, will the judges also take in account what the cars look like in the non-mandatory images submitted? Or will it be judged mainly based on the three mandatory images ?


First of all, thank you Allegorithmic for making another exciting texturing contest!
I understand that this particular contest is Automotive related, thus the decision of using Studio Automotive Neutral as mandatory environment. However as I began working on my submission I have noticed how the environment map gave such a flat and plasticy specular response in comparison to any other environment maps that comes with Substance Painter. Any materials other than super glossy car paint material all look extremely flat when thrown into this environment. To me, this kind of discourages contestants to create material variations and just focus on designing patterns for the car? Are anyone else experiencing this? Still a great contest nonetheless, and good luck everyone on your submissions :)

here is the same metallic car paint material being rendered in three different environments (1. Studio Automotive Neutral 2. Tomoco Studio 3. cave entry forest)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Hotkey for Random Seed
 on: September 21, 2017, 10:36:08 pm 
Hey guys,

I know this is probably not a priority feature, but would it be possible to add a hotkey to quickly change the random seed in the currently active tool? And have checkboxes to toggle the ability when there are multiple random seeds in the same tool.

I think the most powerful thing about substance is its procedural content. Most alphas that come with SP are built procedurally and can vary its look by hitting the "random" button. If there is a faster way to quickly change random seed, you can quickly paint lots of varying details instead of just one brush shape that is constantly being used which produces somewhat very repetitive results. Right now the only thing we can do is clicking on the random key manually, which wastes quite a bit of time on the long run if you need to change the seed frequently.

Having this ability could also open up many more possibilities when creating custom alphas and materials in Substance Designer. One could make a decal tool to be used in painter that when hitting the random hotkey, picks a random shape, random color, random size, random worn level. Or an oil painting brush where every random seed introduces a slight color shift to the color you picked initially, giving you quick color variations when you paint. These are just some random :P ideas I quickly thought up, the possibilities are endless.

Alex Liu

I think I've already seen a similar idea a few times, but I really like the glowing hands - great contrast for the clockwork, vintage metal part.

Are they just glowing, BTW? If you managed to simulate subsurface scattering so well with just emission, then great job! Hope you didn't use a non-default shader.

Haha yea I almost decided to change my idea mid way cos there were a few similar submissions out there, but there was very little time left to do a completely new one. You are correct about the arms, they are just emissive maps, and the whole thing is using the default pbr metal rough shader :)

For my submission I wanted to give myself a challenge and not use any alphas created outside of the Substance package.

I really appreciate the say you approached this project.  It's such a great way to learn new things.  And the results were stunning.  Great job!

What resolution are you running at?  I was wondering if the scroll work around the head (middle picture) would get a lot sharper if you bumped up the resolution for final rendering.  (Note to self - I need to remember to do that, even though I don't have much detail in mine.)

Thanks you :D I did the render with the resolution of 1920 x 1200 as written in the submission guidelines. All texture sets were at 4k resolution. I think the issue was that i added another layer of line work on the edges of the patterns, and after edge wear was added on top of that, the result looked a lot more rough in the render than i expected.

Hi Everyone!
Here to share my Mat submission, super excited to see all the amazing works posted here on the forum so far, the amount of creativity is unbelievable!

For my submission I wanted to give myself a challenge and not use any alphas created outside of the Substance package. The gears as well as the outer ring pattern on the face were created procedurally in Substance Designer. Everything else is manually created in Substance Painter. Hope you guys like it :D

@Andre Webe You can modify the UVs but I'll reiterate that baking custom normals is not recommended. This is a texture paiting contest, not a high poly modeling one. As for the resolution, you are not locked and can create a 4k texture set if needed.

@Jorge Barros You can as long as it's not a pure copy of existing material/logo/figurine.

Hi, Jeremie.
As you were talking about the ability to modify UVs, does this mean I could have more than just the three default texture sets (Head, Body, Base)? I was wondering if I could put the Mat face geo into its own separate texture set to get more details.

Thanks :)

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