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I managed to solve the type error problem.
[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported (. $ Udim) 'map
The problem was in the default texture export preset for ue4.
You need to remove the key (. $ Udim) at the end.
SP wouldn't let me change the default preset.
I duplicated the default preset and changed it, then I found it on my computer in the docs and then renamed it "Unreal Engine 4 (Packed)". Then I copied the changed preset to the main SP folder along the path "Substance Painter \ resources \ shelf \ allegorithmic \ export-presets" with replacement.
After that, textures are now created in ue4.

In short, you must change the default preset by removing the (. $ Udim) key at the end.

Developers. Please add the ability to select a preset for use with a live link in ue4 .... Or allow the ability to change the default preset ...

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