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After updating the nvidia driver to the latest version (471.11) I noticed that I receive another error saying my driver is outdated.
I checked the forum and found this:,37897.msg139466/highlight,outdated+driver.html#msg139466

I don't know if my issue is occuring because of the driver, I only noticed after this updated that the opacity is no longer done properly.

Is there any way I could fix it?

Repro steps:
1. Boot Substance Painter
2. Import the mesh
3. Bake all the maps to 2k
4. Change the shader to pbr metal roughness with alpha blending
5. Activate the opacity chanell
6. Add a fill layer
7. Set the oppacity to 0.5 value

Understood, thank you very much

I want to avoid importing them separately as textures. I want a material like the ones from the attached image.

Basically I should archive them as .sbsar and select base(or mesh) material when importing it.

The problem is that I don't know how to do this without using alchemist or designer. Could it be done with something like photoshop or something else ??


Is there any way I could import PNGs (base color, ao, normal, height) as base material (not smart material) in Substance painter??

Thank you,

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