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Excellent, so it's just like before. The words chosen in the foot note on Steam could probably make it more clear. :)

I noticed at the end of the description of the Steam version of Painter and Designer;
This license does not include access to Substance Source

What does that mean exactly? Does it mean I can't earn new points like with subscription, or does it mean I can't access and download from Source at all?

Just to be clear; terms have changed, and I am responsible for being informed? Puzzling. :o

I'll certainly think about it.

This is the reply I got on my email:
Thanks for reaching out. Your subscription is a legacy subscription for $239 per year with the buyout option to get perpetual licenses if you wish to when cancelling your subscription for $49. The current subscriptions don't have this buyout option. Indeed we are currently running a discount on the Substance yearly subscription for Black Friday but keep in mind that this subscription doesn't have the buyout option your subscription currently has.

So what you're saying is I'm paying $239 ($20 more than the currently regular subscription) to have the option to get a perpetual license for an extra $49? An option I don't use, since I'm already on subscription and I want to stay current with the latest release.

I don't see that as a benefit at all, honestly sounds more like trickery to me.  ???

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Indie license annual $239
 on: November 28, 2019, 01:04:59 pm 
I just got an email from Paypal that I've paid for annual Indie subscription, amount: $239

On the front page your price is $219 with a big fat red stroke, with a black friday price of $149

Will there be justice?  :-X

I've sent an email as well, I'm writing this to see if others experienced the same and/or are aware.
Had I known there was a sale already (and not only limited to actual FRIDAY) I would've got it for $149 obviously. Hoping we can resolve this.

Can you verify that the low and highpoly mesh overlap? If there's a mismatch, the normal will be wrong as well.

If you don't need a color ID map, you can uncheck that in the baking window. This will get rid of the error message.

Just a note for the future; you don't need to assign materials or unwrap the high-poly model. :) Unless you use the materials to bake a color ID.

Nice! Would love to see an animated cup with this as the liquid textured with this.

I asked IT at the studio whether they had any clue but was directed to you for support about this.

Here's the deal; I've used Substance Source a lot, and last week I had no issues using it. This week however I'm getting this error message below. I've pasted a complete log of me starting Painter, load Source, login and download a substance.

IT confirmed I have read/write rights to folders and files.
We could find the sbsar file in the Temp folder, but for some reason the file is not copied over to the shelf so it appears in Painter.

Code: [Select]
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Plugins] Loading plugin autosave
[Plugins] Loading plugin dcc-live-link
[Plugins] Loading plugin photoshop-export
[Plugins] Loading plugin resources-updater
[Plugins] Loading plugin substance-source
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Plugin - substance-source] Loading Substance Source assets...
[Plugin - substance-source] Total number of assets: 1292
[Plugin - substance-source] Downloading Old Knotty Wood...
[Plugin - substance-source] Asset wood_knotty_old.sbsar Downloaded from Source, now transferring to shelf
[Script] :28: ResourcesError: Preload of C:/Users/ola.haldor/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/substance-source/Temp/wood_knotty_old.sbsar failed. Doesn't point to a valid resource.
[Script] :80: FileIOError: Write failed
[Script] :80: FileIOError: Write failed
[Script] :80: FileIOError: Write failed

I've attached the log file as well.
I removed the redundant thousands of lines repeating itself.. It just keeps going with the "write failed" lines, which makes Painter impossible to work with because of a severe performance loss.

Before I dive too deep into this, I wanted to ask if anyone's used Material Layers with Arnold in Maya.
We're on a tight schedule for a production and a ton of assets to texture, and I thought this might be a good solution for some of the bigger assets (buildings, streets, entire sets).

Anyone pulled this off before in an offline render engine?

Ok, thank you. :) I'm a bit split about what to do then.  :o

Ah, ok. And the only way to get more points in the Substance Source is by having a Substance Live subscription, am I right?

I'm thinking about getting on the Substance Live subscription (especially because of the discount), but I wonder if I get a Steam key with it? I prefer it that way.

What happens if you paint over these parts where you have these issues? Does the stroke appear other places as well?

I did something like this about a year ago.
What I did was make sure the objects filled the UV tile, edge to edge. It may not be 100% correct or effective, but it worked for me as a first timer doing so.

I made the base wall first. Cutting holes for windows were then also cutting holes into the UV. The windows themselves were of course separate meshes.

The texture will distort - it will be wider than it's tall, obviously. In painter you need to adjust the tiling for height and width separately. In the meshes below, this works quite well. On corner pieces (which I didn't include in the example below), I sliced the mesh and either rotated or used a bend deformer. The UV is unchanged, and should work quite well on the bent mesh too.

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