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SSE2, Win7 64 Bit, i7 2600k 3.4Ghz, GTX 560 2GB.
Could it be a limitation of the Indie Version?

Thanks for the help.
I get the same result if i use it as sbs. But after Publishing, i get a wrong result.
To be sure, if there is realy no problem on my side, please kilck on publish, put the created sbsar file in your libraray and use it from there.
Would be nice to know if it is wrong, too on your side.

Here is my result if use the sbs (unpublished) and the sbsar (published) file.
See attachment.
The "red" substance is the original ones, that you have used.
But the "green" substance is wrong.

Amazing work.
You did a realy great job.

Hi Wes

No, the substance is created with SD5 and if i try the published sbsar in SD5, it is wrong, in the same way as in Painter.

You find the sbs file in reply #4 of this threat, if you want to take a look over it.
In reply #9 you find some pictures with the difference in SD5.
Dropdown list, Roughness and Height Slider are missing.

I see it on the filesize, too.
sbs have 50kb and after publishing the sbsar have 5kb
It is ten times smaller.


Thanks for the reply Wes.
Did we get an update for Designer, too?
Because it wont works also in Designer.

Looks like a bug to me.

I am on 5.0.1 in Designer and 1.3.1 in Painter and my result is wrong.
Thanks both of you for your time.

Looks like you dont understand the complede problem.
Please read the entry post again.

I dont want to edit a sbsar file. And it have nothing to do with Player, Windows or other stuff you say.

Open my sbs file in designer and hit on publish.
Use that sbsar in designer or painter and you get a wrong file.
Height and Rougness sliders are missing and the dropdown menu is missing.

I still get this, see attchment.
The sbs file works as it should and in sbsar i lost half of the options.

Thanks for your time.
Could you explain what you mean with blend switches, please.
As far as i see, every blendnode have a switch and a funktion on it.

Thanks for the help.
I have the sbs attached.
So please take a look over it why it works as sbs and not as sbsar and why it wont works in painter.

Hm, no. I dont have the player.
If i use the sbs file as substance in designer, it works correctly.
But as sbsar, it brokes my complede file.

Hi at all

I got a little problem with a custom substance that i have created.
The sbs file works correctly. I am not sure if it is a generaly problem of the sbsar file or if i did something wrong.

I want a basic substance where i could change via dropdown menu some texture inputs like roughness or height.
I work with exposed functions and stuff that you need for a switch, it looks like the sbsar file cant store that informations.
But i am not sure if the painter could read that, too.

How much is possible in a sbsar file for Painter?
Any help would be nice.


Thanks for the infos.
I still use my previews, i dont want to redo this stuff again if something goes wrong or wont works as it should.

But it would be nice if the Devs could created some working materials without workarounds or manually creating the previews.
There should be a sppr material in the downloads and not that folders that causes that problem.
That would helps new users much more.


I still did not understand it.
If i start Painter the materials gets loaded directly, there is no way to import a model first.

But Anyway, i have created the preview images by my self now.
Thanks for your time.

Not on my side.
It makes no difference.

Why should i import a model? What have that to do with the preview?
Explain please.

How did you fix that? I will fix it by my self, too.

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