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I fixed it.  Installed the latest Nvidia drivers which did absolutely nothing.

So I ran Substance Designer in compatibility mode.  Or actually what I did was launch compatibility mode and then ask it to test Substance Designer for compatibility and it launched the program without issue.

Hmm.  Hope this helps other windows users.

Alan M

I am having exactly the same issue with Designer 5.3.2.  Tried to launch it today.  Been running fine on Windows 10 but today get the usual: "Substance Designer has stopped working".

That is as far as I get.  Funnily enough I still have a different licence for Substance Designer 4 on the same machine and it still launches without issue.

Anyone from Allegorithmic shed some light as I have looked all through your core website and I cannot find a contact page for people to get in touch about anything never mind bugs and crashes.

Substance Integrations - iClone - Re: Hello iClone People
 on: February 22, 2015, 11:38:47 pm 
Hi justaviking!!

Well the hope is more of us will appear here.  As mentioned I use all of Allegorithmic's products anyway.  They have an awesome pricing structure for us indie's and just see the new posting about raising the indie annual earnings limit to 100,000 euros.  Amazing company.    Also Reallusion have a sweet deal on Substance Designer+B2M+200 substances for $99.  Can't say fairer than that.

Damn, I sound like a sales Rep.  I will go get my coat!!

Here is some iClone6/Indigo fun I have been working on.


Alan M.

Substance Integrations - iClone - Re: Hello iClone People
 on: January 01, 2015, 09:01:54 pm 
Thanks Nicolas,

Happy New Year.

Alan M.

Substance Integrations - iClone - Hello iClone People
 on: December 30, 2014, 08:13:21 pm 
Well I couldn't resist being the first to post in a brand new forum section.

So hello to all iClone user's.

Being a Modo user I know Wes McDermott looks after us Modo folks very well.  It would be nice if whoever from allegorithmic is assigned to keeping iClone users updated would be good enough to say Hi at some point.

In the meantime I wish everyone especially allegorithmic staff for their awesome products all the best for a brand new 2015.  Only  a couple of days from now folks.

All the best

Alan Marques

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