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I'm also interested to hear what this mean to customers who has already bought the full pack.

Actually there used to be 50 gametextures on the package (that was part of substance indie pack I think). At the moment, there are only 36 of them on the Substance Share.

my project requires this plugin and Im tired of waiting months for you guys to get on top of things
Allegorithmic has never promised to support preview builds for UE4. They are not meant for real projects but for testing purposes only. That being said, I'd appreciate if they did do initial changes on github when first previews hit the launcher. Basically the reasoning why they don't do this has been that there may be some changes so they'd have to change the plugin multiple times.

If you must use preview builds or can't wait for the official plugin to arrive to marketplace, you can always try to compile the plugin yourself. Source code is supplied even with the marketplace version.

For example, I took the 4.11 plugin, placed it into my own UE4 4.12 c++ projects Plugins-folder and compiled it there. On 4.12, there's duplicate definition for one struct, but if you rename it on the substance plugin, it'll compile, work and package just fine (at least I didn't see any issues with it). If that's too much work, then maybe just stay on 4.11 and wait until things you find you must have are available?

There are 20 code plugins on UE4 marketplace and I don't think any of them support 4.12 at the moment, so please be patient, 4.12 just got released yesterday after all.

I don't know if this is correct forum for plugin feature requests, but would it be possible to add channel remapping option to the UE4 Substance plugin itself?

This would help a big deal when using existing substances that don't do any channel packing and we could also keep our own substances cleaner as we wouldn't need to mix / add extra outputs there.

I know SP has nice remapping option for texture exports, but it would be nice to be able to remap substance channels as well on the engine side. With this, we could optimize ue4 materials with just few clicks instead of going to SD and exporting each substance again with different settings.

Any news on this?

I have noticed that the substance plug-in for UE4 now has the option to switch to the GPU Engine for texture generation, however the maximum size textures can be generated at is still 2048x2048. Any ideas when 4096x4096 will be an available option?
It already allows you to use 4096 after you actually switch it to the GPU engine from Project Settings->Plugins->Substance->Cooking

Good news for everyone!

"Users can now toggle between CPU/GPU Engines in project settings. GPU Engines allow for larger textures at 4096x4096 size."

Thank you allegorihmic for this!

I'm not sure what you are talki about. There were no monthly drops before Substance Share.

Actually first Live Drops arrived in March 2015 and Substance Share was opened in September 2015 I think. Anyway, older live drops were added to Share afterwards and they all seem to be there now. :)

Hi guys, it have been a very long time since the last upgrade on the source at github now. And UE4 currently is getting a rather large distance to it. If you no longer will support the github source.. that is fine. As long as the plugin works of course :) But since I have heard no official statement on this, it would be nice to hear it.

Not sure what you mean, github version has been updated for the latest stable version of UE4 (4.10). I also just verified that github has the same version of the plugin that you can download from UE4 marketplace. Allegorithmic do not update the repository for preview (unstable) versions but they've always updated the plugin within day or two when next official engine version gets out.

Update: Well, if one (like I have) compiled the Unreal source, then using the launcher via marketplace to install the plugin will be impossible. This means I must install the engine from marketplace, install the plugin, copy the plugin manually, delete the installed copy (because it is eating up the space on my drive I need for more important things) and add it manually again. Now, for the sake of making things a bit more pleasant :) Could you please at least have the client available for download here?

If you compile from source, you can compile the plugin yourself as well. There's a tutorial about this here:

  I believe the content in share was always free. Live gave you access to monthly drops that only live members could get. Of course live drops are no longer showing up, so who really knows

He was talking about the substance live drops. They are now free to download for everyone on substance share  (they are no longer marked as live monthly drops but they are still on share).

Upgrade link here if anyone interested:
To be honest, I was expecting a slightly better deal considering one of the major new feats (Photoshop style brushes) were told to be arriving for almost 2 years ago(?) for Substance Painter.

There's something odd happening on my license page as well, it doesn't tell if I have indie or pro license (I have both license types on my library) + it doesn't show my SD4 or B2M 2 licenses anymore.

Substance Painter is downloadable now, but no word about license upgrade yet :)

I'm waiting for this one as well. I wouldn't hold my breath during the previews though.

They'll probably release it after stable (4.10) version is out (like they've done every time for previous versions as well). As binary (launcher) version of UE 4.10 works only with VS2015, substance plugin needs to work with that also.

You can't, the compression used by sbsars can't be changed.

I'm bit confused though what's the purpose of Resource compression now? I checked the doc here: and it tells you can select between RAW and JPEG. This is only for local resource saving? I mean, I automatically though it would mainly affect sbsar output but apparently that's not the case.

So to make this clear, this setting only for people who import uncompressed or lossless compressed resource images and want to save the source assets itself in smaller space?

If this is the case, I think docs should point this out somehow.

Hi Sumeet,
we actually talked about your issue on UE4 IRC channel earlier. I didn't know sbsar had compression which can't be changed as I assumed that the option for resource compression on SD5 (RAW or compressed) would apply to sbsar output.

Anyway, since your biggest artifacts are probably coming from normal maps, you could try saving height map from Substance Painter and running it through Normal conversion on SD5 graph. That way only the black and white height map would be compressed and full RGB image for normal map from Painter wouldn't be used at all (in that case substance engine would generate the normal map out of that height map instead when using substance plugin on UE4). Not sure if you can get a lot better results on compressed height map vs compressed normal map but worth a try at least I guess?

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