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Is it possible to make a substance source material seamless? in Substance Painter / Substance designer?

This is the one I have in mind:
But I'd like to know the process in general as well.

If I understand it correctly the tx file selects the appropriate resolution to display depending on how far or close the camera is to the object, it keeps the RAM low (= faster) even with a big scene.
I scrolled down the list of file extensions but couldn't find tx, is it in Substance Painter, if yes, how do I export as tx?

The application where I'm using the normal map asks to choose the space mode for the normal map: tangent or object. They look very different.
The documentation reads "Choosing the appropriate mode depends only on the application used to generate the normal map", I make the normal maps in Substance Painter, hence the question: in Substance painter, is the normal map in tangent space or object space?

If I use UV projection I get nasty seams, although there are no gaps in the geometry.
If I use Triplanar the road material doesn't realise the geometry is curved.

The geometry has several UV tiles, it's one plane/grid repeated and the combined geometry is bended.

Any idea how to make it work: curved + no seams?

Is it just lighting?

For some dense and complicated meshes I apply auto UV in the 3D package, and I get something for UVs.
Is it just a requirement to have UVs? and if I use triplanar does it matter how rubbish are the UVs?

Just the low part, the closest to the ground needs to have that dirt. I can't position it there.
I've tried black mask, add fill, greyscale, dirt4 but it's everywhere
I've tried black mask, add generator, dirt, still everywhere

What parameter would help target the low parts?

It's not for games. I have a few objects some look more dense than others. Does it matter for Substance Painter how dense your object is?

How would you go about texturing very long ropes?
Just bring in the whole thing? or cut in pieces? ...

A train railway e.g. is made of one component then copied (arrays in Blender, "copy and transform" SOP in Houdini...

What should I bring in Substance Painter? the first copy or the whole long thing (made sometimes of more than 65 copies)?

When I model an object in a 3D package, the final result matches the scale I need, but the individual components are modeled at whatever scale (before bringing them together and resizing the whole thing).
I export the individual components at the wrong scale, and import in Substance painter. Does it matter?

I need to instantiate a material across several texture set, but the source material is applied only to an individual mesh using the polygon fill tool, and the target will be an individual mesh (different mesh of course).
Can I instantiate that material?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - How do I create an ID map?
 on: January 17, 2019, 11:46:31 am 
I'd like to use the "add mask with color selection" but I don't know how to make an ID map, I guess it needs to come from the 3D application.
What I do now is I assign a different material to each part that needs to be listed on the texture set list.
I tried assigned different colours to these materials, that was my attempt to create an ID map, but it didn't work. My ID maps are always black.
Any suggestion? I use Houdini but I guess the concept (which I don't know) should be similar in Maya, 3dsMax...

If the objects I paint are meant for film which normal map format should I use?
It's meant to be used in Houdini, Clarisse, Terragen, Vue, Rendered with Arnold, Mantra or Redshift.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Large terrains
 on: January 06, 2019, 10:22:41 am 
Do you use Substance Painter for all or part of a large terrain? e.g. terrains you would get from World Machine.
I lack realism on the ground using texturing in World Machine. It's that small displacement that I'm after. The maps I get from World Machine are for colour, the terrain no matter how impressive in the large shape, is too smooth. Is it something I can (partly) solve using substance painter?
would you recommend/do it for the whole terrain? how?
If not, would you do it just for the foreground (close to the camera)?

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