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Looking at you uv. it looks like you do not have enough bleeding on the edges


Hmm  right  so it seems that the same hap ands with Substance painter.
So i guess its a problem  on my side :-\ :(
Meaning My  Nvidea 320M is not strong just has 256mb

when baking a Normal_map from mesh at "4k" it really bakes a world space normal.
when going back to 2 k there is no problem.
I did just test it on my macbook pro with an extra Nvidea 320M with 256 mb card and 8 gb of ram
with SD 5.3.1

Just wondering if this is only with me

hope that helps

Looks like a shader problem to me, specially since they just added opacity to 
So you might wanna change some channels in the material/shader pane.


Could we see you uv nap as well with the wire frame on it.  it looks like a bleed problem.

With A UV like that, i think a better texel density is possible.

Try to upscale all your UV island. in this way you will have less wasted UV space/pixels.
An UV map with 80% or higher coverage is what you most of the time want.


Thanks Wes,

So far I've found Substance to be great in all areas. It runs smooth and it's a lot of fun to work with. I come across a bug here and there but that's very rare-- it's definitely one of the most solid 3D art tools. Designer and Painter are both well-thought.

Designer has become very easy to work with and I'm starting to investigate some of the more exotic nodes with confidence. I've had to ask a lot of questions and do some research, but my subsars are starting to end up in the 15-18 kb range.

I'm thrilled to have these tools.


and Enjoy

Nice one this....  Just what I need. Will try it out. Soon. And for real guys. This kind of stuff would make you guy emperor instead of kings of textures.  Madness

  Made this one a favorite. Thanks.

Hmmm i just do all my painting in Substance painter,
This way i do not need to bake, can put my brush on hard to lessen the bleeding and can adjust everything while texturing.

hope this helps

Seem to have this to, Same log file
Very annoying as i thought my file where corrupted and or SD  Did some clean install 2 ( yes it helped  i mean thats also a reset layout right )
The layout reseting worked.  just cost me to many hours to figure out.

Mac pro and SD don't like each other yet  :(

Thanks for that,

Its specially because i saw  this;topicseen#msg18966
So i thought it might be a know problem.

Thanks for the help
Have fun


Hey Wes,
First off sorry for the nagging, i felt like the kid with the new toy that did not work, 8)
and yes i think its a mac problem 2,  but its just strange that the other apps work.
Also its worse when i use FBX files.
Anyway for now i m just working in Bootcamp. And deal with it later when i have the time.

Yes these cards are in the New macPro. its a beast.  and you can compare the cards with the quadro's K5200 i think

Thanks again.

Hmm. Did also a test In bootcamp

its a clean Win 8 install I only added SD.
And it runs beautiful.
The speeds difference is really big compared to my mac os X

So I guess its the drivers or something.  but bootcamp install the Pc drivers for the gpu as well  so ....  well I don't know.

Anyone know something more about this.


So i bought a new Mac Pro last week
But i have some problems with SD

1. lagging like ......
2. interface sticks to my mouse as soon as i click in the neighborhood of a window
3. putting the 3D and 2D view on my second screen makes it turn black.

I saw some people having the same problem on the form, but the rolled back to 4.4.
thats a little bit to far back  :-\
SP is running fine BTW
I also have macbook and macbook pro
and no problem there either

Mac specs:
Fully loaded
2x D700 fire gl
os x 10.10
64 gb of ram

 Any tips please


Yep, some simple examples with what and how you can use functions. would be nice . ( yes i know there a lot of video on your channel). but having them right there written would be cool. i always like the Maya Documentation way. Dry explanation/ A how to / how to if you wanna write it in Mel .  Just saying.

thanks or the effort

Edit: hmm basically what you did wirh the batch tools documentation:D :)

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